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Tesla China sells 77,695 vehicles in May, a 2.44% month-over-month increase

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Recent figures released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) have revealed that Tesla China was able to sell a total of 77,695 domestically-produced vehicles in May. The number includes electric cars that were exported to foreign territories. 

Tesla’s May 2023 results bode well for the electric vehicle maker’s momentum in the country. It does, if any, suggest that Tesla has a relatively steady demand for its all-electric cars. This was despite Model 3 sales in China likely seeing headwinds as of late due to consumers’ anticipation of Project Highland, a much-reported Model 3 update. 

For context, Tesla China sold a total of 75,842 vehicles in April. This means that Tesla China’s sales saw a 2.44 % increase month-over-month, and a massive 141.55% increase year-over-year. In May 2022, Tesla China saw sales of 32,165 vehicles. 

As tracked by EV publication CNEVPost, Tesla China sold 382,859 vehicles from January to May. That’s an increase of 77.37% from the 215,851 units that were sold in the same period last year. It should be noted, however, that Tesla China’s figures from the previous year were hampered by the country’s Covid-related lockdowns in 2022. 

Considering the excitement surrounding the Model 3 Project Highland update, it would be interesting to see the breakdown of Tesla China’s sales in May. It would also be interesting to see how many vehicles were exported to foreign territories from Gigafactory Shanghai. The facility, after all, has become Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub. 

In April, Tesla China delivered 39,956 vehicles in China and exported 35,886 units. May is the second month of the second quarter, so the number of exports from Gigafactory Shanghai was likely still substantial last month. 

During his recent visit to China, Tesla CEO Elon Musk heavily praised the Gigafactory Shanghai team for their hard work. “It’s incredibly impressive how you’ve been able to overcome so many challenges & it warms my heart; The cars we produce here are not just the most efficient, but the highest quality,” Musk said. 

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Tesla China sells 77,695 vehicles in May, a 2.44% month-over-month increase
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