Tesla Giga Shanghai employees get high praises from Musk: “It warms my heart”

(Credit: Elon Musk/Twitter)

Elon Musk did not make his appreciation of Giga Shanghai’s employees secret when he addressed them in a speech during a recent visit. A short video of Musk’s speech has been shared online. 

Before Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrapped up his recent China trip, he dropped by Gigafactory Shanghai. Musk and fellow Tesla executives Grace Tao and Tom Zhu appeared to arrive late at the facility, but photos shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo suggested that the factory was wide awake and busy when the CEO arrived. 

As could be seen in a video of Musk’s speech at Giga Shanghai, the CEO proved extremely thankful for the efforts of Tesla China’s employees. Musk stated that it was impressive how Tesla China overcame challenges. He also highlighted how the facility produces some of the company’s finest cars

“I would like to very much congratulate you on the amazing work that you’ve done. It’s been incredibly impressive how you’ve been able to overcome so many difficulties and many challenges. It warms my heart, you know. And I tell people throughout the world — the cars we produce here are not just the most efficient in production, but the highest quality,” Musk said

The CEO praised the Giga Shanghai employees for their drive to accomplish things as well. Musk’s sentiments are well-founded, considering that Giga Shanghai has become Tesla’s largest electric car factory by volume. The facility also serves as Tesla’s largest vehicle export hub. 

“I feel like there’s so much that gets accomplished. There’s so much positive energy — of getting things done. That’s actually, I think, will be very important not just for Tesla, but also for the world,” Musk added. 

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Tesla Giga Shanghai employees get high praises from Musk: “It warms my heart”
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