Tesla opens dialogue with local citizens about Gigafactory 4 with new community office

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Tesla opens a community office that will help address the concerns of the locals as the electric car manufacturer takes steps to prepare a portion of the 300-hectare building site and eventually start construction of its Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide.

The Tesla information office opens its doors Thursday to hear the side of citizens who might have questions for the electric vehicle carmaker. This step taken by the company comes after a forest walk demonstration over the weekend conducted by 50 locals who are members of the group Nature Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). According to the police, another peaceful demonstration of 50 to 100 people is set for Saturday from Grunheide to Schleuse, a nearby community.

“I hope that with this citizens’ office, the situation will relax a little now,” said Minister of Economic Affairs of Brandenburg Jorg Steinbach during the meeting of the state economic committee on Wednesday. With the information office, Steinbach said that there’s “continuously the possibility of dialogue” and that Tesla will be able to handle public relations work by itself without having to rely on the state government.

Tesla opening an information office in Grunheide just means it means business, and that it conducts business with the local community in mind too. Despite tight deadlines to handle matters such as relocating endangered species of bats and other animals from the forest in Grunheide, the Palo Alto, California-based electric vehicle manufacturer will take time to talk to the locals so they understand that all measures are in place to ensure that everything is done within the legal framework, including taking care of the environment.

Tesla plans to begin construction on a 90-hectare parcel of the property by mid-March. The timetable is tight for the Elon Musk’s car brand as it plans to initially produce 150,000 vehicles per year and ramp-up to 500,000 vehicles, most likely the Model Y and Model 3 that will be distributed in Germany and the rest of Europe.

The Gigafactory 4 deal is almost certain to push through with economic minister Steinback saying it’s 95 percent secure. Recently, the sales contract for the GF4 property was approved by the Financial Committee of Brandenburg. Tesla’s car factory will create about 12,000 jobs and open opportunities not only for young professionals in Germany but nearby countries such as Poland as well.

Green Agriculture Minister of Brandenburg Axel Vogel is also optimistic about Tesla’s Gigafactory 4.

“I do not think so. Tesla has tied a renowned office, for Grünheide practically copies an existing factory. So you do not have to make all the drawings again, the technical process is clear and also what by-products and waste products are created.,” he said when asked if there’s a chance for the project to fail in an interview with German publication Der Tagesspiegel.

“…because Tesla approached the conservationists early and aggressively. The offer to compensate the pine forest to be cleared three times came from Tesla itself. Tesla’s offensive strategy should be style-setting for other projects. And overall, Tesla does not only want to build a CO2-neutral factory, but also to manufacture products that the German automotive industry has missed the time for 100 percent electrical,” Vogel explained why he is so optimistic about Tesla’s project in Brandenburg.

Tesla opens dialogue with local citizens about Gigafactory 4 with new community office
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