Tesla Cybertruck gets 3D-printed into life

The countdown until Tesla’s Cybertruck begins production and delivery in 2021 demands patience, but one eager reservation holder found a creative way to help pass the time. After a months-long design and production process, YouTuber Sean Callaghan (of the ItsYeBoi channel) delivered a 3D-printed RC version of Elon Musk’s brainchild to his viewers.

As seen in the video, Callaghan’s Cybertruck design was well researched and based on all available specs, and an enormous amount of effort was put into making it about as lifelike as a remote car can get. While the chassis and power mechanics were borrowed from the Grave Digger monster truck that formed the electric pickup’s base, the detailed nature of both the vehicle’s body and wheels make the project a worthy tribute.

Ironically, although the impetus for the model Cybertruck was inspired by the long wait for the real deal, the amount of time it took to print was patience-testing in itself. Anyone who has undertaken 3D-printing as a hobby or in their profession can appreciate this trade-off. As shown, just one half of the pickup’s body took just under 88 hours to print. A second half, wheels, and rims based off of those featured on Cybertruck were also made in the same fashion. To keep things consistent, a 3D-printing pen was used to attach all the parts together.

Mini Cybertruck’s driveability was definitely lacking in, well, just about everything Tesla fans are expecting to see in its larger sibling; however, the fun factor was still there in a big way, much like the Tesla family of electric cars. Callaghan’s mission seems to simply have been to enjoy the project and provide entertainment, which was a hands-down success. The ItsYeBoi channel is full of projects and games for the technology-minded, so it’s no surprise that Callaghan is already a Tesla owner. Callaghan’s red Model 3 made a cameo in the Cybertruck video for an adorable meet and greet of sorts.

Tesla’s brand is no stranger to the ItsYeBoi channel overall as several videos already feature the company in one way or another. One video involves towing a trailer full of solar panels in an attempt to charge Callaghan’s Model 3. In a different video, he purchases nearly every Model 3 accessory offered on Tesla’s website, and in yet another, all the Tesla-branded merchandise on Fanboy achievement unlocked? Most definitely.

Of course, the brick-type nature of Cybertruck made its conversion into a toy a thought at the forefront of its designers as well. Tesla has already partnered with Mattel to create 1:64 and 1:10 scale versions of the electric pickup; at least one variant will also be remote controlled. It’s expected that preorders (now sold out) will be delivered around December this year.

You can watch the ItsYeBoi 3D-printed Cybertruck video below.

Tesla Cybertruck gets 3D-printed into life
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