Elon Musk shares details behind Tesla Cybertruck’s Armor Glass fail demo

(Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Cybertruck unveiling event has pretty much become the stuff of internet legend. Part of this is due to the vehicle itself, which is just so different that it stands out from the rest of the pickup trucks in the market. The unveiling also included the Cybertruck’s now-infamous Armor Glass demo, which resulted in the all-electric pickup having two broken windows. 

Elon Musk has since taken the unfortunate incident in stride, and this was evident in his recent appearance at the Hack Club AMA, where he spoke with aspiring members of the tech community. Interestingly enough, one of the group’s members asked Musk about the Cybertruck unveiling, particularly his thought process during and after the vehicle’s failed Armor Glass demonstration. 

Musk took the question lightly, finding humor in the unexpected event. According to the Tesla CEO, the sledgehammer demonstration that was done before the Armor Glass demo likely cracked the base of the window, which caused the steel ball to crack the glass instead of bouncing off like it did when he and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen were practicing the backstage. 

Musk noted that the first window breaking was very startling, and it threw him off his rhythm. Poking fun at himself, Musk added that after the first window broke, he immediately thought that Franz should attempt another demonstration on another second window. Unfortunately, the second demonstration should have been done in the windows on the other side of the vehicle, not the one directly adjacent to the window that broke. 

“That was quite startling. And then the irony was that I was like ‘Oh, the first window doesn’t work, don’t worry, the second one will, that will definitely work.’ The thing was, it was (supposed to be the window) on the other side of the vehicle, not the second window along, but on the other side,” Musk said.

That being said, the failed Armor Glass demonstration is one of the things that made the Cybertruck unveiling extremely memorable. Musk emphasized this point, stating that while the whole experience pretty much stunned him while he was presenting on stage, the incident ended up getting a lot of attention for the all-electric pickup. And in teh grand scheme of things, that is not so bad at all. 

“I think, you know, it got a lot of attention so I guess it wasn’t that bad. And we can always repeat it again. But it was quite shocking. It sort of stopped me on my tracks there. I was like ‘Whoa, now what?’ But, I think the thing that maybe what saved the day was driving the electric ATV up the truck bed… I think it ended on a good note. But yeah, I was kinda stunned, and I kinda forgot what I was supposed to do. That’s what actually happened there,” he explained. 

Unexpected demonstration results aside, Elon Musk stated that the Cybertruck would definitely be a vehicle worth waiting for. This is something that he has hinted at in the past, noting that the Cybertruck is arguably a project that excites him the most. Just recently, on Twitter, for example, Musk stated that he could not wait to build the all-electric pickup. Tesla is even looking to establish a specific Gigafactory for the Cybertruck, which will be built in the heart of the United States. 

“But (the Cybertruck is) gonna be a great car though. I think it may be our most fun car, the Cybertruck,” Musk remarked. 

Elon Musk shares details behind Tesla Cybertruck’s Armor Glass fail demo
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