Tesla Giga Mexico groundbreaking ceremony schedule speculations start

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Speculations about Tesla Giga Mexico’s groundbreaking have started. Preliminary work on Tesla’s site for Gigafactory Mexico began before the new year.

In late December, work on Nuevo León’s Tesla District started, encompassing the site for Giga Mexico and its surrounding areas. The Government of Nuevo León announced that work has already begun on Tesla Giga Mexico’s entrances and exits along the Monterrey-Saltillio Highway. At the time, Tesla was still working on Giga Mexico’s layout. 

Now, all eyes are on Tesla, eagerly awaiting the date of Giga Mexico’s groundbreaking ceremony. But there is a lot of preliminary work to do before work on Tesla’s actual gigafactory starts. 

Sergio Reséndez, the General Director of Real Estate company Colliers, believes Tesla will not break ground on Giga Mexico until after the elections. Mexico’s general elections are scheduled for Sunday, June 2, 2024. 

“We find it difficult for [Tesla Giga Mexico’s groundbreaking] to happen due to electoral times,” Reséndez told Milenio

“This is impactful because it implies that the authorities go when the electoral ban is coming, and it will be difficult for both federal, state, and municipal authorities to attend a ceremony to lay the first stone of Tesla’s plant,” the General Director said.

Reséndez believes it is unlikely that Tesla Giga Mexico’s groundbreaking ceremony will happen in the first half of 2024. He thinks the preliminary work on Giga Mexico will take some time. 

The Governor of Nuevo León Samuel García Sepúlveda, doesn’t seem to agree with Reséndez. He speculates that Tesla hold a groundbreaking ceremony for Giga Mexico in the first quarter of 2024.

The Governor argued that preliminary work on the Tesla District started late last year, so progress on the site will already be visible by the end of January 2024. He also doesn’t believe Mexico’s elections would interfere with Tesla’s progress on Giga Mexico. 

“I don’t know the information, but I [do] know that Tesla is not guided by electoral issues. They are all over the world. They are always in a hurry,” said the Governor of Nuevo León.

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Tesla Giga Mexico groundbreaking ceremony schedule speculations start
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