Tesla Cybertruck pushed to the limit with broken bolt at off-roading event

Credit: Unplugged Performance | X

The Tesla Cybertruck has been generating a lot of buzz since its first deliveries in November, with many owners taking the vehicle out for their own testing in both on- and off-road situations. During the recent King of the Hammers off-road racing event, the Unplugged Performance team pushed the Cybertruck to its limits—breaking a rear steering bolt in the process.

Unplugged Performance took the Cybertruck to the King of the Hammers event to test the vehicle’s off-roading abilities this week, resulting in a broken rear-steering bolt, as posted on X on Saturday morning. While the group is known for its aftermarket Tesla parts, the account notes that the broken bolt was a stock part, adding that they were intentionally trying to push the Cybertruck as hard as possible during the event and had no issues otherwise.

The team says they drove the Cybertruck for two full days of “hardcore driving” before the bolt gave out, adding that they were “going pretty nuts on the truck both days with no concerns whatsoever.”

The King of the Hammers race takes place on dry public lands in Johnson Valley, California, and the account says that these kinds of breaks are “par for the course at KOH,” being an event that celebrates off-roading capabilities and overall endurance of the participating vehicles.

You can see a photo with the wheel off below, along with a few other photos and video from the event that were shared on Saturday.

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Credit: Unplugged Performance | X

Credit: Unplugged Performance | X


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Although the broken bolt was a stock part, Unplugged Performance did modify the Cybertruck a little bit with the following upgrades:

  • UP INVINCIBLE dry carbon fiber fender flares
  • Front and rear quick-disconnect sway bar end links
  • 20-inch UP-03 Forged Beadlock wheels
  • Yokohama X-AT tires

Despite the broken bolt, a repair is already underway, and Unplugged CEO Ben Schaffer notes that the Cybertruck is still an incredibly capable vehicle, as evidenced by its appearance at the Buttonwillow race track to earn a 2:15 lap time just a week before.

“This truck is so capable at doing so many things exceptionally well,” Schaffer said in a message to Teslarati. “I don’t know many vehicles that can turn a 2:15 at Buttonwillow in Baja mode, then daily drive the kids to school, then go to King of Hammers all with the same hardware and state of tune. All in the same week.”

Unplugged Performance plans to share additional photos and video footage from the event, and this story will be updated to include the YouTube video upon its release.

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Tesla Cybertruck pushed to the limit with broken bolt at off-roading event
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