Tesla again offering $1,000 discount to buyers with Cybertruck reservations

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer

Tesla has re-introduced a discount on new vehicle purchases for those who have an early Cybertruck reservation, once again offering $1,000 off of the purchase or leasing price of certain models.

After Tesla offered the promotion as a special end-of-year promotion for Cybertruck reservation holders last year, the automaker has officially re-introduced the perk as seen in messages to some. Early Cybertruck reservation holders who take delivery of a new Model S, X or Y will be given $1,000 off of their purchase or leasing price, as long as they take delivery by March 31 (via Sawyer Merritt).

“Tesla: You loved it, so we brought it back,” wrote the automaker in text messages to those awaiting a Cybertruck order. “As an early Cybertruck reservation holder, you can receive $1,000 off a new Model Y, Model S or Model X when you order and take delivery by 3/31. Schedule your demo drive to get started.”

You can see a screenshot of the message sent to one reservation holder below, as shared on X on Saturday morning.

Tesla often launches limited-time promotions for its vehicles to help boost sales, just as the automaker this week re-introduced the ability to transfer the free lifetime Supercharging perk to new vehicles for those who take delivery by the end of March.

Initial Cybertruck deliveries have been trickling out over the past few months since Tesla held a delivery event for the truck on November 30 at its Gigafactory Texas. The automaker delivered just a dozen or so of the truck at the event, though it has slowly been delivering its launch edition “Foundation Series” Cybertruck units to employees, celebrities and some regular customers over the past several weeks.

Cybertruck production has also been ramping up at Giga Texas, and Tesla is expected to take around 12 to 18 months to reach volume production of the vehicle. During Tesla’s recent 2023 earnings call, executive Karn Budhiraj also said that, if current reservation-to-order conversion rates continue, the 2024 production builds of the Cybertruck will soon be sold out.

Tesla appears to have stopped including aero wheel covers for Cybertruck deliveries

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Tesla again offering $1,000 discount to buyers with Cybertruck reservations
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