Tesla Cybertruck specs leaked, along with bed power outlets: rumor

Credit: Elon Musk | X

Ahead of Tesla’s initial delivery event for the Cybertruck, the company still hasn’t shared many details about the vehicle’s configurations, specs, pricing or features. However, one video shared this week claims to have received specs from an insider about the electric vehicle (EV) and a photo of some power outlets near the tailgate that have not been previously reported.

In a video shared by the YouTube channel TFLEV on Wednesday, the hosts said they received insider information about the Cybertruck, including measurements and a photo of special power outlets near the vehicle’s tailgate. The image shared with the hosts shows three outlets total, including one 220-volt outlet and two 110-volt outlets.

Credit: TFLEV | YouTube

The news of the power outlets, if true, likely means that owners will be able to use the Cybertruck to power other devices, vehicles or their homes, which has been a point of interest for many reservation holders. In addition, the photo also shows what appears to be an anchor point beneath the outlets.

The hosts also go on to compare the alleged measurements of the Cybertruck to other electric pickups in the industry, including the Rivian R1T, the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Hummer EV. They also debate the legitimacy of the Cybertruck measurements as they compare them to other vehicles, noting that the truck’s weight is considerably less than some options on the market.

The rumored specs have surfaced after months of Cybertruck sightings, and as many have wondered when Tesla would release details about the highly anticipated truck. With the Cybertruck delivery event set for November 30, we will likely hear official specs in the coming weeks, or at least by the event itself.

While the validity of the TFLEV-leaked claims isn’t yet clear, the weight included the full set of shared specs does match those roughly detailed by CEO Elon Musk last week.

You can see the full measurements that were shared on TFLEV below.

Cybertruck Dimensions according to TFLEV

Overall length: 18.6 feet

Overall width: (no mirrors): 79.9 inches

Overall height: (medium setting): 70.5 inches

Wheelbase: 143 inches

Cybertruck Curb Weights and Other Ratings according to TFLEV

Dual-Motor: 6,670 Ibs

Tri-Motor: 6,890 lbs

Tow rating: 11,000lbs

Max tongue: 1,110lbs

Bed length length: 72.8 inches

Bed Width: 51 inches

Frunk volume: 7.1 cubic feet

Weight capacity of frunk: 420 lbs

Headroom front: 41.6 inches, rear 39 inches

Legroom: 41 inches front, 40.9 inches rear

Shoulder room: 63 inches front, 62 inches rear

Hip room front/rear: 57.2 inches

Rear outlets: 110v x 2, 220v x 1; no front outlets

Full Cybertruck specs video

You can also see the full video from TFLEV below, including the leaked Cybertruck specs.

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Tesla Cybertruck specs leaked, along with bed power outlets: rumor
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