Tesla’s Elon Musk assures Cybertruck will retain well-loved light bar detail

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When images and videos of the Tesla Cybertruck production beta were shared online, many electric vehicle enthusiasts were a bit bothered. While the sighting of the production beta unit itself incited a lot of excitement from Tesla fans, some were a bit miffed at the seemingly updated design of the vehicle’s rear. 

This was partly because the videos and images of the production beta Cybertruck no longer had the original prototype’s red light bar that spanned the entire length of the all-electric pickup truck’s rear, including the tailgate. The rear red light bar was one of the original Cybertruck prototype’s most memorable features, as it matched the vehicle’s light bar-style headlight up front. 

This sentiment was echoed among members of the Tesla community over the weekend, with popular accounts such as Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley remarking that the red light bar in the original Cybertruck prototype looks “100 times better” than its current iteration. Elon Musk responded to these sentiments, noting that the original red light bar will indeed make it to the Cybertruck’s production version. 

“Production will have red light bar,” Musk assured

With Tesla now producing Cybertruck production beta units, the all-electric pickup truck is closer than ever to mass production. But while Tesla executives such as Elon Musk and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen have noted that the Cybertruck’s design is all but finished, details of the vehicle, such as its rear taillights, appear to be still open for modifications. In this light, Elon Musk’s recent comments should provide some confidence for Cybertruck buyers. 

The Tesla Cybertruck’s production has been delayed, but the wait for the vehicle might be over soon. During the Q4 and FY 2022 earnings call, Elon Musk noted that the Cybertruck should enter initial production sometime this summer, though the vehicle’s real ramp would be evident next year. Despite all the delays, however, Musk and other Tesla executives have maintained that the Cybertruck will be well worth the wait. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk assures Cybertruck will retain well-loved light bar detail
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