Tesla “Cyberliving” trailer specs and size teased anew in Cybertruck UI images

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Cybertruck unveiling had, for lack of a better word, some unexpected events. Even Elon Musk himself admitted that he lost a lot of his rhythm after the vehicle’s now-infamous failed Armor Glass demonstration. The failed demo resulted in much of the latter part of the Cybertruck’s unveiling getting a bit rushed. Save for Tesla’s ATV, much of the Cybertruck’s accessories were not discussed at all. 

This does not mean that the Cybertruck is lacking in accessories and equipment, however. A look at Tesla’s concept images for the vehicle showed that the EV maker is at least looking to release several novel accessories and products that would complement the Cybertruck. These include a tent with a stove, some cool bed rails, and a massive, full-sized futuristic trailer that looked like it has enough space to be a tiny house. 

Credit: Tesla

Details about Tesla’s trailer, which was fondly called by some EV fans as the “Cyberliving” trailer, were scarce. Just like the Cybertruck’s other accessories, the massive contraption existed only as a cool concept image. Elon Musk, however, noted back in March that the Cybertruck could power a tiny house, such as those that could be pulled by a truck. This was cool but quite expected, considering that the Cybertruck is expected to have a massive battery pack. 

Fortunately, a patent about the Tesla Cybertruck’s UI has provided what appears to be some teasers about the futuristic trailer. Illustrations from the patent (Figures 8A and 8B), which seemed to be screenshots from the Cybertruck’s UI, included an image showing a video feed from the pickup’s rear camera as it was being attached to a trailer. Based on Figure 8A, the Cybertruck’s futuristic trailer seems to be quite massive. 

Credit: US Patent Office

Interestingly enough, Figure 8B of the Cybertruck’s UI patent featured the pickup as it was pulling the trailer on the road. The image included a rather interesting detail, with the upper part of the UI stating that the Cybertruck was pulling 20,000 pounds. Whether this 20,000-pound load was the massive “Cyberliving” trailer was not specified in the patent’s images, but the fact that the pickup could pull such a load is impressive nonetheless. 

A potential 20,000-pound trailer could open the doors for luxury campers that are best used by families that love glamping. Campers at this class typically include a King Size bed, an actual living room, a full kitchen, and a spacious bathroom with a tub, such as the DRV Luxury Suite 44 Memphis. If Tesla could release a similar camper with the same weight and amenities as traditional campers in the 20,000-pound range, then the EV maker could end up disrupting yet another segment. 

Tesla’s Cybertruck UI patent could be viewed here

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Tesla “Cyberliving” trailer specs and size teased anew in Cybertruck UI images
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