Tesla Cybertruck gets its first Software Update: Here’s what got better

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Tesla is rolling out the first-ever software update for the Cybertruck with version 2024.2.3. Here’s what got better.

Although the Cybertruck started deliveries in late November and has been making its way to non-employees for quite a few weeks now, Tesla is releasing the vehicle’s first software update.

Tesla starts Cybertruck deliveries for non-employees

The update features several fixes, including one to increase the font size to be compliant with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) that was a part of a massive “recall” last week. However, there are a few things that are set to improve the Cybertruck specifically.

Improved Ride and Handling

There are now improvements to the ride and handling of the Cybertruck, which aim to provide more consistency on varying road surfaces and better comfort on uneven roadways in Sport Mode or when the vehicle’s Custom Ride and Handling feature is set to “Focused” mode.

Owners will also have a less intense ride experience in Off-Road Mode.

The software update’s release notes state:

“Get a more consistent response on different road surfaces and greater comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode or when Custom Ride & Handling is set to Focused. Also expect reduced pitch and body roll in Off-Road Mode.”

More Efficient Charging

The second improvement to Cybertruck through its first software update is more efficient charging. The vehicle will now adjust to the level of each DC charging station, which will improve the efficiency of battery preconditioning:

“Your vehicle now adjusts to the power level of each DC charging station. So battery preconditioning when you’re navigating to a charger, and then charging, can be more efficient.”

The update was discovered by Reddit u/Shygar, and you can view the full image of the release notes on that post here.

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Tesla Cybertruck gets its first Software Update: Here’s what got better
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