Tesla Cybertruck factory secures incentive agreement with TX school district

(Credit: Dave Rand)

Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigafactory may be experiencing some speed bumps as of late, but the project is also making headway in some key areas. Amidst the Travis County Commissioners Court’s decision to postpone a vote on the electric car maker’s incentive package, the Del Valle Independent School District has gone ahead and approved an incentive agreement with Tesla. 

With the Del Valle Independent School District’s approval, Tesla would be able to build its upcoming Cybertruck Gigafactory on district land. The approved incentive would also allow Tesla to save money on its property tax bill paid to the school district by capping the value of the land for 10 years. With this, the electric car maker is poised to save over $68 million, as noted by a KXAN News

The land in question is located at the intersection of State Highway 130 and Harold Green Road. The site is massive, spanning about 2,100 acres, as per an application filed in June. The Cybertruck Gigafactory is expected to bring about 5,000 jobs to the area, as per Tesla’s Section 313 tax limitation application. The application also revealed that the wages for 25 positions in the plant would be around $74,000 per year. 

The news from the Del Valle Independent School District bodes well for Tesla and Texas, especially since recent delays at the Travis County Commissioners Court suggest that there are roadblocks to the electric car maker’s arriva. In recent hearings, for example, a number of community call-ins pointed to a general wariness towards large companies like Tesla, whose goals may not prioritize local taxpayers and employees. 

Among these was Jessica Wolff, deputy policy director for Workers Defense Project. In a statement, Wolff asked Tesla for more transparency, especially about the jobs that it will bring to the region. “Tesla has said that they will provide 5,000 middle skilled jobs. Our community needs more transparency. We need specifics. What types of jobs? How many will be temporary vs. permanent? What are the starting wages and benefits each will receive?” she said. 

Austin, Texas is generally perceived as one of two finalists for the location of the Cybertruck Gigafactory, Tulsa, Oklahoma being the other. Between the two sites, Austin appears to be further ahead, but Tulsa is also pushing hard on its efforts to attract the electric car maker to set up shop in the city. Elon Musk has personally visited Tulsa recently, where he was hosted by local officials. With this in mind, it appears that the race for the Cybertruck Gigafactory may be entering its final stages. 

Tesla Cybertruck factory secures incentive agreement with TX school district
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