Two mobile Tesla Cybertruck prototypes spotted testing together for the first time

Credit: The Kilowatts/Twitter

Two working Tesla Cybertruck alpha prototypes were recently spotted testing together for the first time. The sighting, which was recorded in the Fremont Factory, featured one refined Cybertruck prototype and another unit that had several exterior parts missing. 

The images were shared on social media by electric vehicle group The Kilowatts, which recently visited the California-based electric vehicle plant. Initially, sightings reported by Tesla community members pointed to the EV maker testing one of its updated alpha prototypes on the facility’s test track. Later images taken during the day revealed that there were actually two working Cybertruck prototypes that were being tested that day. 

Interestingly enough, one of the Cybertruck prototypes sighted at the Fremont Factory was missing several components. Though the vehicle was moving on its own, it didn’t have any doors, nor did it have a hood. Its tailgate also seemed to be absent. More importantly, the vehicle didn’t seem to be fitted with a rear wall. This suggests that Tesla may be looking to implement a pass-through system for the Cybertruck, which should allow owners to transport long items without having to drop the vehicle’s tailgate.

A pass-through system for the Cybertruck has been teased since the company unveiled the vehicle back in late 2019. Photos taken of the Cybertruck’s second-row seats showed that the vehicle’s rear bench might be designed to either flip up or fold down. This hinted that Tesla might be looking into optimizing the Cybertruck’s available storage space even beyond its hefty vault and frunk. 

The Cybertruck was initially set to enter limited production by the end of 2021, though this date has been pushed back to around 2023, as per CEO Elon Musk’s previous comments. The vehicle has changed to a notable degree since it was unveiled in late 2019, with components such as door handles being removed. A quad-motor variant, which was not announced during the vehicle’s initial unveiling, was also revealed to be the first version that would enter production at Gigafactory Texas. 

Check out the Cybertruck pair’s photos and videos from the Fremont Factory below. 

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Two mobile Tesla Cybertruck prototypes spotted testing together for the first time
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