Tesla Cybertruck gets stern take from Jim Cramer: “the Ugliest truck”

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The Tesla Cybertruck may be one of the most highly-anticipated vehicles this year, but it doesn’t mean to say that the all-electric pickup truck’s polarizing design is now universally acclaimed. Wall Street veteran Jim Cramer, for example, has noted that the Cybertruck would likely end up simply being a “toy” for Elon Musk’s ardent fans. 

The Cybertruck’s upcoming production was highlighted strongly by Tesla in its Q1 2023 Update Letter, with the company posting several images of the vehicle’s production line in Giga Texas. Elon Musk also confirmed during the first quarter earnings call that the Cybertruck will have a dedicated delivery event in Q3. Overall, the Cybertruck is definitely coming, and it’s coming soon.

But as per Mad Money host Jim Cramer during an episode of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, he doesn’t really expect many car buyers to get much value from the Cybertruck. “I’m calling it a toy for Elon Musk fanboys,” Cramer noted, stating that the vehicle will probably be like a Lamborghini, costing too much and having a battery that’s too large. 

Cramer was also pretty open about his criticism of the Cybertruck’s design, noting that it was “hideous” and the “ugliest truck I’ve ever seen.” “This thing is ugly. I’m sorry, and I love Tesla, by the way,” Cramer said. The Mad Money host’s statement is quite accurate, as Cramer has adopted a pretty positive outlook on Tesla in recent years. During the company’s early days, the Wall Street veteran was among Tesla’s skeptics. 

Quite interestingly, Cramer noted that the Cybertruck will probably not be as appealing to the average truck buyer since people that buy pickups would like to use their vehicles as working units. The Wall Street veteran noted that pickup truck buyers want something that can carry the occasional tree branches and the like. Cybertruck consumers would probably not want to do that. 

Despite Cramer’s reservations about the Cybertruck, however, Tesla has been pretty clear about the idea of the all-electric pickup truck being a vehicle that can be used for legitimate, actual hard work. This is one of the reasons why the vehicle is made with steel and designed with an exoskeleton in mind, as such innovations make the Cybertruck robust and durable. 

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Tesla Cybertruck gets stern take from Jim Cramer: “the Ugliest truck”
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