Tesla Cybertruck Mini takes out full-sized Ford F-150 in tug-of-war bout

Credit: YouTube/the Hacksmith

A Tesla Cybertruck in 1:2 scale recently competed in a series of tug-of-war matches against several vehicles, including a full-sized Ford F-150 pickup truck. Just like its full-sized, brutalist big brother, the smaller Cybertruck outperformed its competitors, though it needed some help to beat the formidable F-150.

James Hobson of the widely popular YouTube channel The Hacksmith has been working to create a mini-Cybertruck since early December 2019.

Typically, Hobson and his team at Hacksmith Industries are using their time to create real-life replicas of Marvel Comic weapons, like Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield. The Cybertruck convinced them to revisit automotive builds, something they had not attempted since replicating the spy car from the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger.

The Hacksmith team’s presentation of the completed 1:2 scale Cybertruck included a sci-fi feel much like Tesla’s actual unveiling of the real fully-electric pickup in November. Hobson even called a member of his team, who he initially referred to as “Franz,” to come into the frame to slam the replica’s side door with a sledgehammer, just as Tesla Chief of Design Franz von Holzhausen did at Tesla’s Cybertruck event.

After the remake of the Cybertruck event was over, the towing and tug-of-war tests began. The mini-Cybertruck went up against a 2,250-lb 2016 Chevy Spark, a 1,200-lb 2014 Polaris RZR and eventually a 4,650-lb 2010 Ford F-150 XLT.

It easily dominated the first two vehicles but the mini electric pickup needed the help of extra weight via cement blocks, Olympic weight lifting plates, and other heavy items to increase its traction when it faced off against America’s most popular truck. With these weights, the mini Cybertruck actually defeated the F-150, pulling the screaming beast of a pickup silently like its larger sibling during Tesla’s video demonstration.

The Cybertruck then hit a local drive-thru window and a 1:2 scale village to fit in with its surroundings. Simply put, its functionality is as effective as a normal pickup — it just happens to be half of the size.

The Hacksmith‘s remake of the Cybertruck is a testament to the vehicle’s appeal to pop culture. Since its unveiling, the Cybertruck has become an icon of the 2019 automotive scene, and it has become widely popular even beyond the EV community. This is one of the reasons why The Hacksmith opted to temporarily depart from its typical subject matter of Superhero-inspired replica items just to build a vehicle that is so insane, Tesla critics could not believe it was actually unveiled.

Watch The Hacksmith‘s 1:2 scale rebuild of the Tesla Cybertruck take on several vehicles in tug-of-war competitions below.

Tesla Cybertruck Mini takes out full-sized Ford F-150 in tug-of-war bout
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