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Tesla Cybertruck’s mud-filled misadventure becomes viral meme

Credit: @stephfischer13, Twitter

The Tesla Cybertruck brought to Tesla’s refinery groundbreaking event has been spotted stuck in the mud following Elon Musk’s departure.

The Tesla refinery event was one of the most exciting Tesla events this year. Not only did it highlight the upcoming facility’s incredible production capabilities, but the appearance of the Tesla Cybertruck at the event added some extra flare to the occasion. However, the event’s fun may have given someone a bit of overconfidence, as the modified Cybertruck was reportedly spotted stuck in the mud following the event.

The Cybertruck was spotted by Twitter user Stephanie, who saw the truck sunk into the ground next to the highway as she was driving past the concluded Tesla event.

Neither Elon Musk nor Tesla has commented on the seemingly comedic occurrence, though perhaps the lack of comment is funny enough. Luckily for Cybertruck reservation holders, this prototype vehicle is likely nowhere near an indication of the production truck’s performance.

Looking forward, despite this week’s muddy hiccup, the truck has never been closer to market introduction, which Elon Musk has said will be occurring sometime in Q3 of this year. Thus far, Tesla has begun pre-production, which is currently assembling a small number of prototype units for testing and public appearance use. Still, with tooling finally coming together at Giga Texas, mass production is also just around the corner.

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Tesla Cybertruck’s mud-filled misadventure becomes viral meme
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