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Tesla’s strategy with Cybertruck design reveals more with every appearance

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A few months ago, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen said Tesla does not have a “pencils down” approach with the Cybertruck design. If anything indicates this, it was last evening’s most recent sightings of the Cybertruck, which featured the first looks at potential accessories and one of the cleanest prototypes we have seen yet.

Over the past six months, various sightings of the Cybertruck have flown through the community, some better than others. Initial sightings in Palo Alto revealed a beat-up Cybertruck vehicle, which was likely a guinea pig in a variety of off-road and odd terrain situations to assess performance.

Tesla Cybertruck is finalized and nearing production, chief designer says

This is not to say that Tesla has not brought some more refined and better-looking Cybertruck vehicles to the party in recent months. We know that Tesla is already managing a few test production runs inside Gigafactory Texas, which reached a 5,000-vehicle production run rate recently.

As more sightings continue to be documented, we can see that the Cybertruck is only getting better as it nears production. Of course, Tesla’s revealed designs are the cleanest of them all: one from the Investor Day and one from last evening’s groundbreaking at the Texas Lithium Refinery.

Tesla Cybertruck accessories steal the show at lithium refinery event

We reported several months ago that leaks had revealed Tesla was planning to launch a full-scale accessory development effort, along with a coordinated team, for the Cybertruck. The first looks at a roof rack attached to the Cybertruck were given by Tesla last night, and it seems there will be much more capability with the vehicle.

But, in reality, who thought it would stop at its polarizing design?

Tesla has always, for the lack of a better term, “marketed” the Cybertruck as the ultimate pickup. It can handle commercial applications, it can tickle the fancy of those who want performance and utility, and it can also just be one of the most unique vehicles on the road, if that’s what a consumer wants.

However, one thing is for sure, the Cybertruck continues to look better and better, and with Tesla-specific accessories and room for third-party attachments as well, it makes room for the potential of even more orders before the truck has even started mass production.

Moving forward, Tesla still has the Annual Shareholder Meeting, and it will likely have a Cybertruck there for more eyes to mull over, and even more potential for hints in terms of what might be to come for the pickup.

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Tesla’s strategy with Cybertruck design reveals more with every appearance
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