Tesla Cybertruck tire size teased in release candidate closeup

Credit: @triggertx/Instagram

A Tesla Cybertruck release candidate was recently photographed while it was being transported in a trailer. Observations from the electric vehicle community, as well as comments from the photos’ uploader, provided a number of interesting details about the upcoming all-electric pickup truck. 

The photos were initially shared on Instagram by motoring enthusiast @triggertx, who noted that he was fortunate enough to run into the Cybertruck at the Petrol Lounge in Austin, Texas. The social media user noted that the Cybertruck never left its trailer, so the vehicle could not be photographed much. However, parts of the Cybetruck, such as its tires, were fully visible. 

It was then no surprise that closeup photos of the Cybertruck’s wheel and tires were posted online. As could be seen in a closeup of the Cybertruck release candidate’s wheel, the vehicle was equipped with 285/65R20 tires. This suggested that the Cybertruck release candidate had 35″ tires on a 20″ rim. The wheel equipped on the vehicle also had six lug nuts, which suggested that the pickup truck was ready to take a beating. 

Quite noticeable from the recently shared photo of the all-electric pickup truck was its notably short front, which is home to the Cybetruck’s small frunk. A short video of the Cybertruck with its frunk open recently made the rounds online, and it showed that the vehicle had a rather small storage space. While a small frunk is quite disappointing, it is perhaps inevitable considering the short design of the Cybertruck’s front end. 

Also quite interesting was a later comment that was posted about the all-electric pickup truck’s wiper. And per the auto enthusiast, the Cybertruck’s single front wiper is extremely large, probably at least three feet long. Despite its size, however, the Cybertruck’s single wiper reportedly looked like it would not be able to clean a substantial part of the passenger side windshield. 

The recent closeup photos of the Cybertruck at the Petrol Lounge are quite exciting, especially since the build quality of the vehicle in the trailer was already quite impressive. The Cybertruck in the photos was muddy, however, which suggested that before it was loaded onto the trailer, the all-electric pickup truck was tested hard. 

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Tesla Cybertruck tire size teased in release candidate closeup
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