Tesla Cybertruck with top cargo rack gets full work truck treatment

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A Tesla Cybertruck with a unique, after-market cargo rack on top was spotted being loaded up with lumber and insulation last week, perhaps being one of the best work truck uses we’ve seen so far—at least from a storage standpoint.

In a video posted on TikTok last week, a few people and a forklift can be seen loading up the Cybertruck’s top cargo rack with lumber, while they go on to put several rolls of insulation underneath in the electric vehicle’s (EV’s) bed. The video showcases the vehicle’s storage options with the cargo equipment, and it comes amidst some recent discussion as to how well the Cybertruck can be used as a work truck.

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The Cybertruck has occasionally been spotted hauling materials, towing, or generally performing heavy-duty tasks a handful of times since its release late last year. A little before the Cybertruck was released, it was spotted at SpaceX’s facility Starbase, Texas, and it was towing a massive Starship Raptor engine.

In January, viewers noticed a Cybertruck in use at a Nevada facility operated by Tesla partner and battery recycler Redwood Materials. It was being used to haul 10,000 pounds of recycled nickel and lithium products from the company’s Battery Materials Campus, and the EV was used to help spread awareness about battery supply circularity.

More recently, a Cybertruck was seen towing The Boring Company’s Prufrock-3 tunneling machine at Tesla’s Giga Texas, as the company works to drill a massive tunnel beneath a highway that runs through the facility. Tesla has also been towing a Model Y encased in glass with the Cybertruck in recent months, as a “mobile gallery” advertisement highlighting the fact that the world’s top-selling vehicle was built in the U.S.

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Tesla Cybertruck with top cargo rack gets full work truck treatment
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