Tesla Cybertruck was U.S. best-selling vehicle over $100k in June

The Tesla Cybertruck was the United States’ best-selling vehicle priced at over $100,000 in the month of June, new data from Kelley Blue Book found.

New vehicle prices remained steady and mostly unchanged from both May 2024 and June 2023. Meanwhile, the new average transaction price for electric vehicles was up 0.9 percent compared to May, but down 2.5 percent compared to June.

For Tesla, its transaction prices for June, when compared to May 2024 and June 2023, both increased. KBB says this is due to the Cybertruck being such a good seller in the United States, as it bumped the company’s average transaction price upward.

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It sold more than 3,200 units in June, according to the report for June.

The firm commented on the Cybertruck’s influence on Tesla’s ATP moving up:

“While prices for the popular Model Y and Model 3 held relatively steady month over month in June – although both have increased significantly since January – the new Cybertruck is likely one reason Tesla ATPs have increased. In June, the Cybertruck was the best-selling vehicle priced over $100,000 – average transaction price: $112,696 – with more than 3,200 units sold.”

Tesla Cybertruck is the vehicle choice of celebrities across the U.S.

Tesla has kept exact Cybertruck sales figures pretty hush-hush, but many were under the impression that, due to an NHTSA recall of the all-electric pickup last month, the automaker had sold roughly 11,688 units through June.

The new figures that show the Cybertruck is so popular, even though it is over $100,000, are a big feather in the cap for Tesla. Although the vehicle was labeled as polarizing, and many believed it was not going to sell well due to its unorthodox design, sales figures seem to show that this is not the case.

According to sales figures from Ford, only the F-150 Lightning is outpacing the Cybetruck in terms of electric pickup sales.

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Tesla Cybertruck was U.S. best-selling vehicle over $100k in June
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