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Tesla Cybertruck showcases rear wheel steering feature in Giga Texas

Credit: @sandeepdegala/Twitter

Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo featured a number of the company’s upcoming vehicles, though the Cybertruck evidently stole the show. From its arrival at the facility to its display in the hours prior to Elon Musk’s address to its appearance later during the night with Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen, the all-electric pickup truck drew the attention of attendees and online viewers alike. 

During its appearance at the Cyber Rodeo, several of the Cybertruck’s updates were sighted. These included its updated doors, which Elon Musk engaged following his talk, its side repeater cameras, which now resemble the units used in Tesla’s other vehicles, and what appears to be a concept charging port placed on one of the all-electric pickup truck’s fenders. A recent video has also revealed that the Cybertruck showcased an upcoming, practical feature during the day. 

As shared by the Cybertruck Owner’s Club to Teslarati, the Cybertruck demonstrated its rear wheel steering features while it was moving around Giga Texas. A video of the vehicle, shot by the group’s member @sandeepdegala, was shared online, and while it was very brief, one could easily see the Cybetruck’s rear wheels moving. The slow speed of the vehicle while it was using its rear wheel steering feature hints at some advantages the function could give when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces. 

Elon Musk initially announced the Cybertruck’s rear wheel steering features last year on Twitter. In his post, Musk stated that the function was added to ensure that the Cybertruck could accomplish tight turns and maneuver with high agility. This was a pretty practical move for Tesla especially considering the Cybetruck’s size. With a wheelbase that exceeds that of the Ford F-150, the Cybertruck is a large vehicle, so adding features that make it more maneuverable would likely be appreciated by customers. 

The Cybertruck’s deliveries have been delayed, though Elon Musk seemed confident that Tesla could start handovers of the vehicle next year. The CEO seems extremely excited about the all-electric pickup truck, noting during the Cyber Rodeo that the Cybertruck could be Tesla’s “magnum opus.” If any, the truck would most definitely come with Tesla’s best tech to date, such as its Hardware 4.0 computer, which Musk mentioned during AI Day. With Hardware 4.0, the Cybertruck would definitely be as future-proof as possible. 

Watch the Cybertruck’s rear wheel steering in action in the video below. 

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Tesla Cybertruck showcases rear wheel steering feature in Giga Texas
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