Tesla Cybertruck sightings increase as Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo nears

Update: The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted cruising through Gigafactory Texas, making rounds before Cyber Rodeo.

A new photo of the Tesla Cybertruck at Giga Texas has started circulating online just as the Cyber Rodeo looms closer. A recent video of Gigafactory Texas also hints that two Cybertrucks will be present during the event, along with the Roadster and Tesla Semi. 

First up is one of the clearest photos of the updated Cybertruck prototype leading up to the Tesla Cyber Rodeo event. As previously noted by Teslarati, it has been quite some time since the general public had an up-close look at the Cybertruck. In January, a few leaked photos revealed some slight changes to the all-electric pickup, including refined side mirrors, a single windshield wiper, and the removal of physical door handles. 

The recent picture of the Cybertruck reveals no physical door handles on the vehicle, hinting that it may be the same one in the pictures leaked earlier this year — or at least another alpha prototype. Once Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo kicks off, more details about the changes and improvements on the Cybertruck will likely be available. 

During the last earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla added some new technology to the Cybertruck. It would be interesting to see if Tesla or Musk will discuss some of the latest additions to the pickup truck during the Cyber Rodeo. 

At the Q4 and Full Year 2021 earnings call, Musk also mentioned that Tesla was still figuring out the right price point for the Cybertruck, given the new technology that was introduced to it recently. Currently, Tesla accepts preorders for the Cybertruck with a fully refundable $100 deposit.

Customers won’t get to complete their configuration until production nears, hinting at some notable changes in the Cybertruck’s variants and possibly its price. Tesla removed references to the truck’s variants and their respective prices on the configuration page as well.

In a drone video by Joe Tegtmeyer, a few cars were seen wrapped at Giga Texas, including what appeared to be two Cybertrucks. The unique shape of the Cybertruck gave them away, despite them being wrapped. 

It has been a minute since the public has seen one Cybertruck, and seeing two at the same location is quite intriguing. Some have speculated that one Cybertruck looked bigger than the other, although it could just be the angle of the photo. However, Elon Musk has talked about developing a smaller Cybertruck in the past. A photo of Joe Rogan standing next to a Cybertruck also hinted that it was smaller than the one people rode during the vehicle’s 2019 debut. 

Tesla Cyber Rodeo will likely answer some questions about the updates to the Cybertruck. While the focus will still be on Giga Texas and its grand opening, Tesla may surprise guests with interesting tidbits about its vehicle lineup. After all, Cyber Rodeo marks the beginning of another chapter in Tesla’s journey, as the company officially welcomes guests to its new headquarters. 

Watch the video below for the latest on Tesla Giga Texas!

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Tesla Cybertruck sightings increase as Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo nears
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