Tesla is now offering demo drives for the upgraded Model 3

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has begun offering limited demo drives in North America for its upgraded Model 3 “Highland,” after the redesigned vehicle officially launched in the region earlier this month.

The refreshed 2024 Model 3 can now be seen on Tesla’s demo drive web page, though it only seems to be available in select locations. While typing in locations across California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada yields results showing the nearest place to test drive the new Model 3, typing in zip codes from other states, such as Utah and Colorado, only offers the message listed below:

“Model 3 demo drives are currently unavailable near your location. Adjust the zip code and or pick another model and search again. Leave your contact information and we will follow up with you.”

It’s not entirely clear when Tesla will begin rolling out Model 3 test drives to other states, though with deliveries slated for the coming months, it’s likely only a matter of time.


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In a video shared on X by The Kilowatts account on Friday night, host Ryan Levenson shared his initial thoughts about the vehicle during a test drive, as taken from Burlingame, California. Levenson says he thinks it’s one of the first sites to offer the service for the new Model 3, and while he’s already gotten a chance to do a walkaround of the vehicle in Walnut Creek, this is the first time he has gotten to drive it.

Levenson points out a number of details he notices about the 2024 Model 3, starting off by noting improved sound dampening that causes cabin noise to be noticeably quieter than in other Tesla vehicles. He’s also quick to point out that the suspension feels softer, and that the vehicle includes tight, smooth steering—though he adds that he hopes for slightly stiffer, more agile suspension in the highly anticipated Performance version.

He also shares other notes, such as the fact that the touchscreen has a thinner bezel, and that Tesla has returned the physical honk button, in addition to the steering wheel shape offering more of a Performance-like design.

Interestingly enough, Levenson spots that there is no camera above the rearview mirror, with the car only including a hole where the camera would normally be. He says he isn’t sure why this is, adding that it could simply be because it’s one of the earliest production models in North America.

You can watch the full 11-minute Kilowatts video covering the Model 3 refresh test drive below.

Tesla launched the upgraded Model 3 in North America earlier this month, after the automaker launched the redesigned sedan in several other markets last year. Although initial deliveries are estimated for February and March, according to Tesla’s order configurator, the automaker still seems to be producing only limited quantities of the vehicle at its factory in Fremont, California.

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Tesla is now offering demo drives for the upgraded Model 3
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