Tesla is sending ‘Destination’ sweepstakes winners to a sweet sustainable vacation

Credit: Reddit | u/SCUZNUTS

Tesla is offering a new program titled “Tesla Destinations” that will give lucky winners located in Australia in New Zealand the opportunity to spend five days and four nights at a villa powered by a Powerwall energy storage system. The winner will also be given a Model 3, Model S, or Model X for their use during the vacation.

Tesla has run numerous contests in the past as a part of its “advertising” routine. Tesla’s referral program is an advertising campaign in itself, as spreading the word of an electric vehicle could lead to a subsequent purchase, and Tesla would reward the referral giver with a series of prizes and incentives.

Winners of Tesla’s “Destination Sweepstakes” will not only get access to a sustainably-powered villa and a Tesla electric car; they would also be able to enjoy several activities unique to the area. The villa is located in Clifftop at Hepburn in the Australian state of Victoria, a place that provides lots of hiking and food trip opportunities.

The notification of the new sweepstakes was sent via e-mail from Tesla and described the terms and conditions of the contest.

“Enter now for the opportunity to experience a sustainable lifestyle with your friends or family.

If you’re selected, you’ll receive a five-day stay for four persons at the boutique villas Clifftop at Hepburn — sustainably powered via solar, Powerwall — as well as your choice of Tesla Model 3, S, or X throughout the journey.

Included in the experience is a selection of curated local experiences: Enjoy a peaceful hike up Mt Franklin, dine at some of the country’s top eateries in Daylesford, or relax at the idyllic Lavandule estate.”

Credit: Reddit | u/SCUZNUTS

Australia is home to one of Tesla’s largest grid-connected energy storage systems in the world. The Hornsdale Power Reserve is located in South Australia and holds a storage capacity of 129 MWh of power from wind and solar energy. The site is powered recognized as the “largest lithium-ion battery in the world,” and since its activation, it has already saved South Australia from three major blackouts.

The contest offered by Tesla gives the opportunity for people to experience the clean and sustainable lifestyle that is envisioned by Elon Musk. While the Big Battery at Hornsdale is saving many Australian’s from power outages, there is an appeal for at-home solar energy systems. The chance to win this contest could even end up being Tesla’s opportunity at increasing its residential solar sales in the land “down under.”

Tesla is sending ‘Destination’ sweepstakes winners to a sweet sustainable vacation
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