Tesla doesn’t have any real challengers from legacy auto, concludes auto expert

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Tesla will not be challenged by any automaker in electric vehicles, according to Sandy Munro, who sang high praises of the electric automaker during an hour-and-a-half Question and Answer session on the Munro Live YouTube channel.

Munro has spent the last two months uploading a teardown series of the Tesla Model Y, venturing where no other independent engineering firm has before by looking at the finer points of Tesla’s newest vehicle. His experience with the Y has led Munro to state that no carmaker in the world has a chance to challenge Tesla.

“I don’t think anyone right now has a way of challenging Tesla,” Munro said during the Q&A session.

Tesla holds several impressive accomplishments with vehicles in terms of electric mobility. The Model S Long Range holds the longest EPA range rating of any mainstream EV on the market, with 391 miles of driving on a single charge. Its Model S Performance is one of the quickest electric cars on the market with a 0-60 mph time of 2.3 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Model 3 and Model Y, both of which have been torn down by Munro, are mass-market vehicles that offer range and performance statistics that are available for a reasonable price.

Tesla is a fairly young carmaker, but it’s build quality has improved over time. As noted by Munro, Tesla has managed to improve the quality of its vehicle, as evidenced by his observations with an early production Model 3 Long Range RWD and an early production Model Y Performance. But it goes past the idea that the cars have improved by having noticeably smaller panel gaps and fewer build issues upon delivery.

The company’s battery tech and performance are unmatched, and with more improvements on the way, there is no end in sight to Tesla’s indisputable dominance in the EV sector. Tesla is the leader in electric mobility, and there is no secret that the company has established itself as the industry standard for battery-electric cars.

Munro’s recognition of the lead Tesla has in the sector is more significant because of his knowledge of the industry as a whole. Munro and Associates have been opened since 1988, and the company has spent those years examining and improving the issues with the automotive industry. Sandy Munro and his team of engineers have tested cars and trucks from many automakers, meaning they’ve seen what most car companies have to offer in terms of product quality and development.

It is no secret that Munro has felt positively about Tesla’s development. Improvements made by the company from the Model 3 to the Model Y have undoubtedly opened his eyes to recognizing Tesla’s streamline development as an automotive manufacturer. Advances have established Tesla as Munro’s favorite to win the race of EVs, a competition that the company has a sizable lead.

Tesla doesn’t have any real challengers from legacy auto, concludes auto expert
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