Tesla dominated European markets in 2023

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Tesla dominated various European markets in 2023 as the company is evidently the main driver behind a continuous increase in electric vehicle market share on the continent.

This morning, Tesla reported its delivery and production figures for 2023, which showed it had successfully achieved its 1.8 million unit goal for the year. It was the automaker’s most successful campaign yet, and driven by heavy market share leads in the United States and Europe, Tesla is in a prime position to once again dominate the landscape in those two areas.

Tesla hits 2023 delivery guidance of 1.8 million vehicles

Although it was outpaced in China by BYD, Tesla has nothing to hang its head about. Europe was a classic case of domination by the automaker in 2023, and data from EU-EVs, which tracks registration figures for various countries in the EU, shows it was not very close.

United Kingdom

Tesla owned 15.3 percent of the market share in the United Kingdom, outpacing MG and BMW by more than 6 percent.

The Model Y was the country’s biggest seller, as 34,334 total registrations were tracked by EU-EVs. The MG4 from MG was second, with 20,129. The Model 3 landed in fourth place with 12,774 registrations.


Norway was a major hotspot for Tesla, as it landed 23.6 percent of the total market share and, once again, the Model Y was the biggest seller. It was not very close.

The Model Y’s 23,058 tracked registrations outpaced the ID.4 from Volkswagen by nearly four times, as the all-electric crossover from the German company had 6,336 registrations.

Tesla dominates in EV-heavy Norway where gas cars are nearly defunct

The Model 3 fell outside the top 10 with only 2,081 registrations for the year, further hammering home the point that CEO Elon Musk made years ago that the Model Y would overtake the Model 3 in sales.


The Model Y led Tesla to more domination in the Netherlands, as 13,714 registrations helped the company land 17 percent of the total EV market share.

Tesla led BMW (8.3%) and Volkswagen (8%), and the Volvo XC40 was the second best-seller with 6,309 units registered.


Tesla Model Y and Model 3 led sales figures for EVs in Spain and contributed to a 22 percent market share held by the automaker in 2023. The Model Y’s 6,843 units and the Model 3’s 6,123 units largely contributed to Tesla’s 13,260 units delivered in Spain last year.

If you were to combine the sales of the third-place MG4 and fourth-place Dacia Spring, you still would not have enough sales to eclipse either the Model Y or Model 3.


With all of the headlines surrounding Tesla and Sweden toward the end of 2023, one might think that the automaker would not have held the market share lead in the country.

However, Tesla managed to outpace Volkswagen by over 2 percent. Tesla held 17.4 percent of the EV market share in 2023, with Volkswagen holding 15.1 percent, giving the German company a strong showing in highly competitive Sweden.

The Model Y held the lead with 16,576 units registered, and the ID.4 followed up with 11,009. Volvo trailed Tesla and VW with 10.7 percent, as the XC40 managed to take third in overall sales.


Denmark was Tesla’s strongest performance across the countries tracked by EU-EVs, with a massive 34.5 percent market share holding, outpacing Volkswagen in second place by a substantial margin. VW held 10.5 percent of the market in Denmark, good enough for second place.

Tesla Model Y set to break 37-year sales record in Denmark

The Model Y dominated the market with 17,975 units registered, beating out the second place Model 3, which had 4,216 units sold and registered last year.

Tesla sold 22,366 EVs in Denmark last year. The entire country registered 64,781.

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Tesla dominated European markets in 2023
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