Tesla Model 3 Highland named best car you can buy in Norway

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Norway-based motoring publication has named its Best Car Purchase of the Year award. As per the publication, the best car to purchase in the country today is none other than the upgraded Tesla Model 3, better known in EV circles as Project Highland. 

The Tesla Model 3 has always been a great car. There is a reason why it became one of the world’s best-selling electric vehicles, after all. But despite its near-unbeatable package of performance, tech, and price, the vehicle still had some areas for improvement. noted that with the Model 3 Highland, Tesla was able to address most of the original Model 3’s areas for improvement. The publication noted that the original Model 3 has three main weaknesses — its interior could be better, its cabin’s noise level also could be improved, and the ownership experience of customers is very varied. 

With the Model 3 Highland, Tesla was able to address the original Model 3’s first two weaknesses. The upgraded Model 3’s interior has been redone, and reviewers have noted that the vehicle now features an interior that feels notably more premium than its predecessor. The same is true for the Model 3 Highland’s cabin, which has become quieter and more comfortable than before. 

It remains to be seen if Tesla will be able to improve its customers’ ownership experience in Norway. It does appear, however, that Tesla has been able to address the points of improvement in the Model 3 that are related to the vehicle itself. The result of this is an all-electric vehicle that’s very difficult to beat in value, tech, performance, features, and safety. 

“Improvements have really taken place here, in addition to the quite visible changes to the lights both front and rear. The model’s fundamental strengths are of course intact: Lowest consumption, best range, good use of space, high power, and outstanding driving characteristics. And most importantly, all at a price no competitors can match.

“The upgraded version, two minuses – noise level and interior quality – have been eliminated. Then there is not much else to criticize other than the gap in the ownership experiences,” the publication wrote. 

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Tesla Model 3 Highland named best car you can buy in Norway
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