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Tesla Model Y set to break 37-year sales record in Denmark

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The Tesla Model Y is set to break a 37-year sales record in Denmark, set in 1986 by the Opel Kadett for most cars sold in a calendar year.

The Opel Kadett sold 16,686 vehicles 37 years ago, and the Model Y is just ten vehicles away from breaking the record, a report from FDM, a Danish publication, said.

The Model Y has averaged over 100 registrations per day, and it is set to officially break the record today, December 20.

Tesla has tasted a lot of success in European markets, but in Denmark, the record is an indication of the country’s interest in electric vehicles. Denmark has been among the top countries in terms of EV market share. In 2022, it ranked fourth, only behind Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.

Denmark had a 38 percent EV share, according to the International Energy Agency Global EV Data Explorer.

Tesla’s success in the country can be stemmed from lower prices, which occurred in January in Denmark among many other regions. Model Y configurations undercut competitive EVs by as much as $7,000.

Tesla Model Y sextuples closest EV competitor in sales in Denmark

Tesla also applied this substantial discount on its vehicles in the United States, bringing prices down as much as $13,000. It was an unexpected price reduction, but it resulted in EVs being accessible to more people.

EU-EVs, a site that tracks the sales of electric vehicles in various European countries, notes that the Model Y is far ahead of any other EV. The Model Y has 16,833 sales so far this year, according to its data.

The Model 3 is in second. The number of sales equates to 3,890 units.

Tesla holds a 34.5 percent market share of the total EV market in Denmark, according to the site, which is head-and-shoulders above Volkswagen, which is the second-ranked manufacturer with 10.6 percent. BMW is in third with 6.6 percent.

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Tesla Model Y set to break 37-year sales record in Denmark
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