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Elon Musk’s quirky weekend tweets could hint at Tesla Model 3 surprise for Q1

Tesla has just completed the first quarter of 2019, and all eyes are now on the company as it prepares to release its first quarter vehicle production and deliveries report. As the electric car maker’s supporters and critics brace for the release of Tesla’s official numbers, Elon Musk appears to be maintaining a very pleasant disposition, hinting at a possible Model 3 surprise for Q1.

Musk seemed notably relaxed during the last two days of March. Over the weekend, Musk tweeted about ducks, released a heavily autotuned rap song titled RIP Harambe, and lamented the fall of his record label (named Emo G Records), just to name a few. The tweets exhibited Musk’s classic witty, self-deprecating humor, but most of all, they were notably (and given the time of the tweets, surprisingly) lighthearted. These seemingly random, goofy tweets were interspersed with messages of thanks to the Tesla team, which continued to push vehicle deliveries all the way until the end of March 31.

“Amazing work by Tesla Delivery teams, especially in Europe & China! Most insane logistics challenge I’ve ever seen. Thanks also to many country & city officials for your help this weekend! Super appreciated,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Musk’s sunny disposition and quirky, off-topic tweets at the end of the quarter could be interpreted in several ways, one of these being that Tesla has met or even exceeded the CEO’s expectations for Q1 2019. Musk has been conservative about Tesla’s performance in the first quarter, even noting that Tesla might not be profitable in Q1. Despite these, Musk has set ambitious goals for the Tesla team, noting in an email midway through March that the company should aim to deliver 30,000 more vehicles by the end of the quarter.

What then, could be the reason behind Elon Musk’s tweet-filled weekend? A potential clue might lie in the Q1 estimates of Bloomberg‘s Model 3 tracker, which has become amazingly accurate over the past quarters. The tracker only overestimated Tesla’s Model 3 numbers once in the past, with the tool’s prediction being 0.4% over the electric car maker’s actual production figures. This accuracy was on display once more in Q4 2018, with the tracker being just 0.5% off Tesla’s actual numbers. By the end of Q1 2019, Bloomberg‘s Model 3 tracker was estimating a production of 79,856 Model 3, far above the average analyst estimate of 64,000 units listed by research firm Visible Alpha.

Whether Bloomberg‘s Model 3 tracker will prove to be as accurate as before or uncharacteristically inaccurate this time around remains to be seen. Considering reports from countries such as China, where deliveries were conducted until the midnight of March 31, there is a pretty fair chance that Elon Musk’s pleasant mood might bode well for Tesla after all.

Elon Musk’s quirky weekend tweets could hint at Tesla Model 3 surprise for Q1
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