Tesla Energy considers Poland as oil companies invest in renewables

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Tesla posted hiring advertisements for Field Service Technicians in Warsaw, Poland, as the company begins a push to expand its energy business into Europe. Interestingly, the push into the country from Tesla comes on the heels of Polish oil companies offering a sizeable $1 billion investment into renewable energy sources.

Tesla’s push into Poland began in 2015 when the country received its first EV Supercharger from the Silicon Valley-based company. Since then, Poland has not been a huge hub for Tesla, but it appears the company is attempting to grow its sustainable energy business in the country.

Poland’s Government, which handles oil and gas company Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA, better known as PGNiG, announced in June that it would invest $1 billion into renewable energy. PGNiG plans to introduce the total investment over the next few years, beyond 2022.

According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, the company plans to achieve 900 MW of energy production capacity to assist the country in transitioning to cleaner power sources.

“Entering a new business line, namely RES, will allow us not only to build the value of the company, to increase and stabilize its revenue but also to engage more intensively in the transformation towards a low-carbon and zero-emission economy,” Jerzy Kwiecinski, PGNiG’s Management Board President, said.

With the growing support for sustainable energy, Tesla can begin to expand the energy side of its business model to more European countries. Considering that the Polish Government favors the adoption of renewable energy sources, there could be room for subsidies that would favor Tesla’s presence.

Tesla reported that its energy sector grew substantially in Q2 2020. In its Earnings Call Update, it announced that Megapack generated a profit for the first time during the quarter, and storage deployments increased to 419 MWh.

Additionally, Solar prices dropped to a third of the U.S. National average, as Tesla removed soft costs that come from hiring salespeople.

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The reduction in prices in the U.S. will likely translate to reduced prices in International markets. Tesla has already tested the waters for expansion in Germany by using a questionnaire handed out to residents near its production facility, which is currently under construction.

Tesla’s job offering in Poland is available here.

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Tesla Energy considers Poland as oil companies invest in renewables
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