Apple veteran launches fleet management platform for Teslas and all other EVs

Credit: Standard Fleet

Electric vehicles such as Teslas work great as fleet vehicles. Their total ownership costs tend to be lower than comparable internal combustion cars, their maintenance needs are relatively light, and they tend to be technologically advanced. This is especially the case with Tesla’s current vehicle offerings, which is one of the reasons why they are now being used in fleets. 

Longtime Tesla owner and Apple veteran David Hodge, who is also behind the creation of the Nikola App for EVs, recently launched a new service that is specifically designed to cater to the growing and impending need to manage fleets of electric vehicles. Dubbed as Standard Fleet, the service aims to provide online and mobile tools to ensure that EV fleets are managed in a convenient and profitable manner.

In a conversation with Teslarati, Hodge explained the rationale behind the creation of Standard Fleet. According to the former Apple Engineering Manager, businesses are already amassing fleets of electric vehicles since EVs are proving excellent for fleet use. However, electric cars also have unique needs, such as cost-optimized charging, so tools that help managers accomplish these goals are needed. 

“Accelerating sustainable transport is a critical cause, and it became clear to us after working with tens of thousands of EV-owners that there was a need for better tools for businesses to make full use of EVs. Businesses want to adopt EVs, and we want to make adoption easier and more profitable for them,” Hodge said. 

The fact that EVs tend to be connected to the internet makes them especially effective for fleet use. Conventional solutions for traditional fleet cars typically come in the form of aftermarket systems such as dongles that track the activity of specific vehicles. These aftermarket systems tend to be expensive and unwieldy, however, and they can be disabled easily. Electric cars such as Teslas, since they are constantly connected to the internet, are a lot simpler to manage with the right tools. 

Being a seven-year Tesla owner and having extensively studied EV data thanks to his work with the Nikola App, Hodge commented that in terms of electric car fleets, Tesla currently has an undeniable lead for now because it has the most number of EVs on the market. But with the auto industry’s greater shift to electric mobility, Hodge noted that his team has been seeing fleets comprised of Nissan, Volkswagen, and Chevy EVs. Fleets comprised of Ford electric cars are now being deployed as well. 

Hodge concluded that he believes EVs will definitely be the vehicles of choice for fleets in the near future. And this, ultimately, is what Standard Fleet is preparing for. “All vehicle fleets in time will be electric. It’s just a matter of time,” Hodge said. 

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Apple veteran launches fleet management platform for Teslas and all other EVs
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