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Tesla ‘Cyber Rodeo’ expected to feature remarks from TX politicians Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Tesla’s massive “Cyber Rodeo” at Gigafactory Texas will feature food, fireworks, tours of the new factory, and remarks from Texas politicians Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, according to reports.

A note from Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry indicated both Senator Cruz and Governor Abbott would make an appearance to show their support for Tesla’s new factory. The $1.1 billion electric vehicle manufacturing facility located just outside Austin city limits will send an influx of new employment opportunities to Austin, which would likely be the focal point of the politicians’ remarks.

Credit: Twitter | Greg Abbott

Tesla is not the only notable tech company to move to the Austin area, as Dell, Amazon, and Apple are just three of the big names to join the electric automaker in the area within the last few years. However, CEO Elon Musk has been friendly with Gov. Abbott in the past, meeting with him on several occasions. Abbott even offered Musk and Tesla an invitation to open a facility in Texas in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a prolonged shutdown of the automaker’s Northern California-based Fremont factory. Musk threatened to move Tesla’s headquarters to Texas, a move the company finalized last year. Fast forward to now, and Tesla is preparing to launch deliveries of its all-electric Model Y at the site.

Fifteen thousand people are expected to gain entry into Tesla’s “Cyber Rodeo,” but if you didn’t get a ticket, there is still a chance to make it inside. Earlier today, Musk, who is expected to give his remarks around 9 PM CT this evening, said there could be some leniency at the event. “The door won’t be super strict,” Musk said. The event is also set to be live-streamed.

Anticipation for the event has been building for some time. After other production facilities, like Tesla’s recently-opened Gigafactory Berlin plant, have received their own unique festivals, Musk hinted that the Austin factory would have a Texas-themed event.

Tesla builds anticipation for ‘Cyber Rodeo’ with concealed vehicles spotted inside Giga Texas

The finer portions of the event are currently unknown, but fans were ecstatic to see the Cybertruck wandering the Giga Texas property through the past few days. Tesla built more anticipation with a series of covered vehicles within the facility yesterday in a photo captured by Joe Tegtmeyer, a drone operator who has built a reputation as the Tesla fans’ eye in the sky throughout the development of the new production facility.

The Cyber Rodeo live from Gigafactory Texas will also have a live stream, which will commence at 9 PM CT.

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Tesla ‘Cyber Rodeo’ expected to feature remarks from TX politicians Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott
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