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Tesla Gigafactory Texas employee headcount triples in 2022

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Tesla Gigafactory Texas saw a tripling in employee headcount in 2022 compared to the year prior, the company reported in an annual compliance report it files with Travis County, Texas, the location of its newest U.S. production facility.

The tripling at Gigafactory Texas complimented the total employee headcount increase that Tesla said it experienced across all of its locations in 2022, which grew by 23 percent, a filing with the SEC from January said.

Tesla had 127,855 total full-time employees at the end of last year, a 28,565-employee increase from the year before. It was substantial considering the trend of layoffs that affected the tech sector.

Tesla employee headcount balloons in 2022, countering tech sector layoffs

Tesla has expanded its manufacturing footprint several times over the past five years, opening new production plants in Shanghai, Berlin, and Austin, and its newest was just announced last month, which will be in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

However, Tesla reported a massive increase in employees at Gigafactory Texas, it said in a filing first discovered by Bloomberg. Tesla’s workforce at the Austin factory increased from 3,523 workers in 2021 to 12,277 at the end of 2022.

The Texas factory is currently Tesla’s largest, and will be fitted with what will be the largest rooftop solar installation in the world, able to generate 27 MW of power, the company said in the filing.

After Tesla completes construction of the Gigafactory Mexico facility, Gigafactory Texas will be Tesla’s second-largest plant, as officials detailed recently that the plant in Nuevo Leon will span 4,200 acres compared to 2,500 acres in Austin.

Gigafactory Texas has the largest employee headcount among Tesla’s facilities, which includes another in California, known as the Fremont Factory.

Tesla builds the Model Y at Gigafactory Texas, and production of the Cybertruck is set to start in the coming months, according to CEO Elon Musk.

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Tesla Gigafactory Texas employee headcount triples in 2022
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