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Two Tesla Execs linked to advanced recycling startup Redwood Materials

Tesla Chief Technology Officer and co-founder JB Straubel and Andrew Stevenson have been named as executives and directors at a new advanced materials startup, Redwood Materials based in Redwood City, California.

Straubel has been Tesla’s internal expert on batteries, having started out in the field building custom battery packs for electric vehicles, before the original Roadster. Stevenson is Tesla’s Head of Special Projects under the Office of the CTO and has a background in corporate strategy and development of renewable energy resources.

Both were listed on a new Securities and Exchange Commission Form D filing by the Redwood Materials that was incorporated this year in Delaware. The form reveals that the Straubel is listed as an executive and director while Stevenson signed the form on April 28 with the title of CFO of the company. Additionally, the form shows that the company has raised $2 million from a single investor who’s name is not disclosed in the filing.

Not much information is available for the startup at the moment. A phone number listed on the filing is directed to a the voicemail box of Stevenson, and the official website of the company reveals nothing more than a splash screen that reads, “Unlock the value of your materials”.

Advanced technology and process development for materials recycling, remanufacturing, and reuse.

With such a nebulous mission statement and ties to Tesla, the startup could presumably become a recycler for used Tesla batteries. Building a team of battery experts to kick off a new startup would allow Tesla to explore the recycling potential of battery and other manufacturing byproducts to truly re-think the entire process, as it has done with nearly every other piece of its business to date.

Two Tesla Execs linked to advanced recycling startup Redwood Materials
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