Tesla to expand customer base to Ireland: first Model S and X deliveries in early ’17

Earlier this month, we reported that Ireland would soon be getting its first Tesla showroom store and Supercharger. Until then, interested Tesla buyers living in Ireland had to take delivery in the UK and bring it home from there.  But that is about to change.

According to Silicon Republic, it is now possible to order a Tesla Model S or Model X online for delivery in Ireland. Tesla says cars ordered now will be delivered to customers in “early 2017.” Tesla Motors Ireland Ltd was incorporated last August with a registered address at South Bank House on Barrow St, Dublin 4.

Starting price for a Tesla Model S 60 is €81,086 (~ $90k). That figure includes the reduced vehicle registration tax and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland grant of €5,000 for a the private purchase of a new electric vehicle. The top of the line Model S with all the options ticked in the Design Studio is more than double that amount. The Model X in Ireland starts at €110,042 ($122k).

People interested in a test drive will be able to get behind the wheel of Tesla in Dublin between December 1 and December 4 of this year. In preparation for opening its first store in Ireland, Tesla has announced it will build Supercharger locations in 4 Irish cities —  Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Belfast.

Tesla Motors director of Nordic sales, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, told The Irish Times last month the company “is pretty far into the process” of developing a clientele in Ireland. He hints that the first store, which will likely combine sales and service functions, will be located in Dublin. It’s opening “will happen simultaneously with the introduction of Superchargers,” he says.

Tesla is hoping to have a customer base in Ireland in time for the arrival of the Model 3. For Irish customers who have not yet reserved one, deliveries of the Model 3 will probably begin in late 2018. Access to the Supercharger network is free to Model S and Model X owners but is expected to be available on a “pay as you go” basis to Model 3 owners. It may also be available as an option package to the original owner.

While a few Teslas have been brought into Ireland from the UK over the past few years, Tesla can only hope that many more Irish citizens will take the opportunity to visit the Ring of Kerry in a Tesla automobile in the years to come.

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