Tesla Firmware 5.9 Brings Smart Air Suspension, Hill Assist and Faster Browsing

Tesla Firmware 5.9

The long awaited auto-lowering of the Model S has finally made its way back as a feature in the latest Tesla Firmware 5.9. along with a new Hill Assist feature and additional performance improvements in web browsing. With all of these great features being released prior to the next major version upgrade, we can’t wait to see what Firmware 6.0 will bring to the table. New Features

  • Hill Start Assist
  • Smart Air Suspension Controls
  • Home/Work Locations & Favorites
  • Battery Meter & Cold Weather


  • Speedometer now has a maximum speed of 150 mph
  • Larger font at the bottom of the instrument panel.
  • Faster Web Browser and additional performance improvements.
  • When driving “heading up” with the Maps app in half-screen mode, the car marker is positioned toward the bottom of the map window.
  • Improved Bluetooth auto-connect to known devices while the car is in use.

Tesla Firmware 5 9 Whats New

Tesla Firmware 5.9 150 mph Speedo

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