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Unplugged Performance tastefully makes your Tesla Model S a little more unique

Unplugged Performance Tesla front fascia
Unplugged Performance Tesla side skirts

Unplugged Performance Tesla side skirts

It’s great to see more tuners and customizers stepping up to the plate when it comes to electric vehicles (EV). Unplugged Performance is a welcome addition to the growing family.

To customize, or not, that is your personal question.

Unplugged Performance, the Hawthorne, California aftermarket kit company takes on the delicate challenge of customizing your Model S. Why delicate? Admit it, you love your Model S just the way it is.


Still, there is always room for improvement and what caught our eyes with Unplugged Performance, short of its catchy name, is that it offers tasteful kits that don’t go over the board. As far as who is Unplugged Performance, you’ll be glad to know Bulletproof Automotive is behind it and owned by none other than Ben Schaffer, who recruited Art Center College of Design graduates and an ex-work Ferrari composites engineers. Is your mouth watering yet?

Tasteful, but not over the top.

A Model S already looks great and adding to it needs to be done discreetly, in our opinion. The basic after-market kit starts off at $995.00 and includes the Unplugged Performance Front Spoiler and Diffuser that easily attaches to your bumper’s factory installation points. It is also available in unpainted, premium factory color paint, or in beautiful carbon fiber. From then on, the options rise all the way up to $1,995.00, carbon fiber and painted.

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Unplugged Performance adds a touch of aggressiveness, without taking it too far. For instance, its side skirts add to the car’s middle view flow in an elegant, yet sporty way. The options start at $1,450 for the unpainted version, which is perfect if you have a trusted painter or customized job. You can spoil yourself with a complete $1,995 carbon fiber option. Other noteworthy kits are the rear diffuser and trunk spoiler, as well as the obligatory carbon fiber front spoiler. That will set you $1,650, and Unplugged Performance can offer you a plastic version painted to match your car for $1,350.

Overall, Unplugged Performance is a welcome addition to the growing world of Tesla tuning. As Tesla Motors continue to make headway in the automotive world, and we impatiently await the Model X’s launch, we will see more tuners and customization companies. Unplugged Performance’s kits look good without screaming for attention, which we feel resonates well with the Tesla lifestyle.

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