Tesla flexes Model Y achievements with Cybertruck in rolling advertisement

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Tesla is using the Cybertruck to help flex the achievements of the Model Y in a towing advertisement campaign.

The Cybertruck is pulling a Model Y encased in a glass box with the words “The Best-Selling Car in the World is Made in America” boldly displayed on the side.

The strategy is one of the most logical and ideal for a company like Tesla, which has dipped its toe into advertising efforts over the past few years. Combining the world’s most polarizing and perhaps the most spoken of vehicle in the world in the Cybertruck, with the flex of having the best-selling car in the world in the Model Y, is a perfect way to turn heads:

The Model Y gained the unbelievable title of the world’s best-selling vehicle in just four years. Tesla officially announced the accomplishment during its most recent earnings call, confirmation that CEO Elon Musk’s prediction from several years prior had come true.

Tesla says Model Y has achieved unthinkable ‘best seller’ label in just four years

Even with 1.2 million Model Y units delivered to customers last year, Tesla is still going to lean on the Model Y to come through with robust sales figures for years to come. As the automaker will soon roll out its next-gen platform, hopefully, late next year if all goes according to plan, the Model Y is the key to maintaining some kind of growth, even if minimal.

Tesla told shareholders earlier this year that it would have a “notably lower” growth rate due to the focus on the next-gen platform.

However, eyes on cars may be as important as butts in seats. Nearly everyone who sees a Cybertruck has to take a peek at its unorthodox design, and dragging a Model Y with its craziest and most impressive accomplishment behind what is the most interesting vehicle in America right now may be a great way to encourage more sales through 2024 and beyond.

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Tesla flexes Model Y achievements with Cybertruck in rolling advertisement
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