Rivian is re-launching R1T powered tonneau covers

Credit: Rivian

Rivian has finally announced plans to re-launch the highly anticipated powered tonneau cover for its R1T electric pickups.

In 2022, Rivian stopped producing R1T units with the powered tonneau cover, though the company has talked about bringing it back for much of that time. In October, reports said that the upgraded powered tonneau cover had passed field tests, and now the electric pickup-maker is set to re-launch the feature this year.

On Saturday, Rivian posted on X that the powered tonneau cover is now available on select R1T configurations for $500 in its Gear Shop, additionally posting a picture of the feature. In response, many in the thread asked if there will be a retrofit option for buyers who purchased while the feature was unavailable, though Rivian didn’t respond.

Credit: Rivian

At the time of writing, the powered tonneau cover also doesn’t seem to be able to be added through the R1T configurator yet.

Instead, the company’s website says it will become available in late 2024, while the manual tonneau cover is expected to become available in mid-2024. The latter is still listed as an add-on for $1,800, so it’s not clear if the powered version will be $500 in addition to that price or if this will change altogether.

Credit: Rivian

Some customers who received the first powered tonneau cover reported issues with the feature, and Rivian later vowed to create an upgraded version. In a support article just after its removal of the powered tonneau cover from R1T production, Rivian wrote the following:

“We recently shared with R1T owners that we are upgrading the powered tonneau cover. As we go through the process, we are removing the powered tonneau cover from production. We plan to reintroduce this feature later, but a date has not been set. For the foreseeable future, all R1Ts will come with either a manual tonneau cover or no tonneau cover.”

Earlier this month, Rivian unveiled its next-generation electric vehicle (EV) line, the R2, set to begin production at its plant in Normal, Illinois, despite originally being slated to be built at an upcoming Georgia factory. The EV maker also unveiled the surprise R3 and R3X following the launch of the R2.

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Rivian is re-launching R1T powered tonneau covers
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