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Tesla is expanding its Model Y production line at Fremont

The Fremont factory. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is planning to expand its Model Y production lines at the Fremont facility located in Silicon Valley, California.

According to two applications that were spotted on Fremont’s Public Access website, there are several planned advancements of “General Assembly 4.5,” which has been designated for Model Y production at the production facility.

In the past, GA 4.5 was also responsible for the production of the Model 3 sedan in late 2018. GA 4.5 is effectively an outdoor tent that Tesla placed outside of the main building. It currently holds five production lines, with the most recent being installed in September 2019. Tesla planned to expand GA 4.5 in April 2020 but had to find solutions to handle stormwater drainage.

The applications are named “4.5 Expansion Rev 1” and “F20-0048-F DCM2 Arch & MEP.” DCM2 could refer to a second die-cast machine in GA 4.5 that will allow the Model Y to be manufactured with a single-piece casting design.

“The current version of Model Y has basically two big high-pressure die-cast [HPDC] aluminum castings that are joined, and there’s still a bunch of other bits that are attached. Later this year. We’ll transition to the rear underbody being a single-piece casting that also integrates the rear crash rails,” CEO Elon Musk said earlier this year.

The IDRA OL6100 CS, dubbed as the “Giga Press.” (Credit: IDRA)

It was reported in early June that Tesla was planning to purchase the massive “Giga Press” for Model Y production. But now, the name of the application seems to infer that Tesla is planning to install a second die-cast machine for the Model Y to increase production volume.

Additionally, the F20-0048-F DCM2 Arch & MEP application shows Tesla’s planned expansion of a new “canopy structure” that will connect to the main assembly building.

The expansion is broken down into Mechanical, Process, and Controls.


“Process cooling water & natural gas piping distribution design from existing ab utility mains to new casting area outside. Industrial water to serve process equipment. New cooling tower & distribution pump added to existing ab cooling tower yard.”


“Installation of soft water system with distribution piping & accessories. Installation of new compressed air header with filters, distribution & accessories. Installation of new argon and nitrogen distribution with accessories. Installation of new trade waste piping from the tie point inside the building to dcm2 area with pipes, pumps & accessories.”


“Installation of new sensors on chilled water lines to monitor & control process Installation & networking of new VFD’s to provide control of cooling tower.”

The Fremont factory. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is preparing for a massive push of the Model Y crossover as demand for the company’s vehicles continues to increase. After delivering 90,650 cars in Q2 2020, the next step is to begin increasing production and delivery figures to sustain growth and increase the consecutive streak of profitable quarters for the electric automaker.

In early June, Musk indicated via email to Fremont employees that the company needed to continue to increase the production of the Model Y by stating that rectifications were to be minimized and that everyone’s effort was appreciated. “I want you to know that it really makes a difference to Tesla right now,” the Tesla frontman said in the email.

After ditching the plans to produce the Standard Range Model Y due to range deficiencies, Tesla can focus on the Long Range and Performance configurations of the vehicle, which have been widely popular within the community thus far.

Tesla’s Long Range and Performance Model Y variants are available for $49,990 and $59,990 respectively.

Tesla is expanding its Model Y production line at Fremont
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