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Tesla Model 3 among winners of Consumer Reports’ Green Choice award

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The Tesla Model 3, along with several Toyota hybrids, captured Consumer Reports’ new Green Choice award for the most environmentally-friendly vehicles available to car buyers.

The Model 3 joined the Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Camry on the list for the new award, which according to CR Director of Testing Jake Fisher, is a representation of the shift in awareness for environmentally-conscious vehicles. Some consumers buy cars based on their ability to leverage fewer tailpipe emissions into the atmosphere. If that is your intention, these cars are your best option, CR says.

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“We’ve done fuel economy tests for many, many years, but we’ve never really put that information out about what comes out of your car,” Fisher told Green Car ReportsSome argue that diesel vehicles are better for the environment due to better gas mileage and do not realize that the emissions are significantly higher than regular petrol or electric cars, which have no tailpipe.

It’s not just about gas mileage, Fisher says. It’s about what comes out of your vehicle when its fuel source is transformed into energy. This ultimately reveals how environmentally conscious your vehicle is.

As far as the Model 3, this is not its first award. In fact, it is far from it. The vehicle has compiled an impressive list of accolades since first rolling off of Tesla’s production lines in 2017. Edmunds’ “Best EV” award has been collected by the Model 3 for the past two years. Additionally, the car has also won the “New Car of the Year” award from AutoTrader in the UK, “Car of the Year” from Parker’s Car Guides, and several crash safety accolades, including a Top Safety Award from the IIHS.

However, the Green Choice award from Consumer Reports is a different feather in the cap of the Model 3. While Tesla’s mission as a company is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, the Model 3 may be the biggest contributor to the company’s automotive sector to date. Since its introduction, it has been Tesla’s most popular car thanks to its affordable price points. Additionally, the car has introduced the idea that an EV can be affordable, fun, and have high-performance features, three things that were widely unbelievable for car buyers before Tesla came around.

Tesla Model 3 among winners of Consumer Reports’ Green Choice award
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