Tesla Fremont plant is abuzz with activity as nearby construction goes underway

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Elon Musk recently noted on Twitter that the Tesla Fremont team is “kicking a**.” A recent drone flyover of the Tesla Fremont plant suggests that this is indeed the case, as the entire complex looks abuzz with activity. New construction nearby also hints at a potential expansion of the Fremont facility.

For the longest time, the Fremont Factory was Tesla’s only vehicle production facility. This is no longer the case today, with Giga Shanghai out-producing the factory and Giga Berlin and Texas ramping their respective outputs. This does not mean to say that the Tesla Fremont plant will be significantly left behind any time soon, however, as it is still being improved by Tesla.

Elon Musk hinted as much during the Q2 2022 earnings call when he noted that the California-based plant hit new production records in June 2022. This was especially impressive for the Fremont plant, as the facility was already the most productive car factory in the United States prior to its latest milestone. Back in January, the Fremont Factory was already outpacing 70 other car plants across the country.

A recent drone flyover of the Tesla Fremont plant shows a glimpse at just how much activity goes on in the complex. Vehicles could be seen being kept in several areas of the complex, and numerous car carriers could also be seen at the site, just waiting to haul EVs away from the logistics lot. The recent flyover, more than anything, shows just how busy Tesla is in its operations.

Perhaps most interesting about the recent footage from Fremont, however, was the fact that Tesla appears to have torn down a couple of buildings across the street from the main factory. Considering that the buildings were reportedly still in good condition, speculations are abounding that Tesla may be constructing something in the area. Elon Musk hinted at such activities in March, when he told KISS member Gene Simmons that Tesla is considering an expansion to the Fremont Factory.

Interestingly enough, Tesla did file a building permit for “Main Foundation & Utilities — New Foundations, Compressed Air Drops, Electrical Drops and Network Drops” in February, suggesting that the company intends to construct a new facility in the area. A revision to the building permit was filed by Tesla earlier this month.

Tesla’s Fremont facilities are not as optimized as Gigafactory Shanghai, Berlin, or Texas, but they host a variety of notable activities. Tesla’s pilot production line for its 4680 cells is located nearby at Kato Rd., and so is the company’s seat factory. These, if any, highlight the idea that the Fremont Factory is still a key component of Tesla’s overall operations, even if it gets outproduced — and possibly also outperformed — by its newer peers in Shanghai, Berlin, and Texas in the future.

Check out some new footage from the Tesla Fremont plant below.

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Tesla Fremont plant is abuzz with activity as nearby construction goes underway
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