Tesla receives EU approval for Model Y with BYD batteries: report

Credit: Tesla

Despite Tesla’s silence on the matter, it appears that BYD batteries are indeed making their way to the company’s vehicles. As per recent reports, the Tesla Model Y with BYD batteries have reportedly received approval from the European Union, paving the way for the vehicles to start their ramp in Gigafactory Berlin. 

Rumors about Tesla and BYD’s partnership have been around for some time, though an increasing number of reports from China have suggested that the two companies are finalizing a deal. Just recently, local news outlet Sina Tech, citing individuals familiar with the matter, noted that BYD blade batteries have already started deliveries to Giga Berlin

Tesla has been very quiet about its reported battery supply deal with BYD. However, documents leaked to industry publication have suggested that the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) has granted approval for a new type of Model Y with BYD batteries. The vehicle was reportedly listed as Type 005 and internally known as the Y7CR variant. 

The new Model Y with BYD batteries was listed with a 55 kWh battery pack and a range of 440 kilometers, according to the publication. This would make it the shortest range Model Y available in the country, as Tesla currently only offers the Model Y Long Range– which is listed with a range of 533 km — and the Model Y Performance — which has a listed range of 514 km — in its Netherlands order page.

What is particularly noteworthy about the leaked documents on the new Model Y variant was the fact that they reportedly listed BYD as the battery maker for the vehicle. This is similar to the Model 3 RWD, whose documents also listed CATL as the maker of its 60 kWh battery pack. Perhaps the most interesting aspect about the leaked documents, however, was that they mention a “structural pack” for the Model Y with BYD batteries. 

While Tesla is yet to acknowledge its reported supply deal with BYD, the recent reports from Europe do have similarities with the company’s structural battery pack strategy in Giga Texas. So far, Model Ys with structural battery packs have been listed with shorter range, though there are strong speculations that the Giga Texas-made vehicles are simply software-limited. The mention of a structural battery for the apparent Model Y with BYD batteries is interesting, however, as it suggests that Tesla may be looking to equip its vehicles with structural packs regardless of the type of cells being used. 

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Tesla receives EU approval for Model Y with BYD batteries: report
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