Tesla FSD Beta starts rolling out to testers

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Tesla seems to be rolling out FSD Beta v. to testers as expected. 

With AI Day 2022 now behind us—along with the reveal of Optimus prototypes—Tesla is again concentrating on FSD Beta and its series of 10.69 releases. This week, is expected to roll out to testers. 

Beta tester Cameron is one of the first to receive version He shared v.’s release notes. Tesla tracker Teslascope stated that the latest version had no noteworthy new changes. Instead, FSD Beta v.10.69.3 had a few undocumented bug fixes. The single photo Cameron shared of does look similar to the release notes Tesla provided testers when v10.69 first rolled out. 

10.69 Issues Recap

Tesla FSD Beta version 10.69.1 had a few minor issues, including some instances of phantom braking, a few problems with turns—both left and right—and complications with speed limit recognition. 

FSD Beta 10.69.2 reduced the instances of the issues most testers reported and version helped the software drive even smoother. 

A few testers told Teslarati that some issues have remained from 10.69.1 and 10.69.2, even after’s release. For instance, Sandy from Canada noted that his vehicle would recognize speed limit signs and coast to reduce the speed as if it were in Neutral. As a result, the vehicle would not use regen or the brakes to reach the lower speed limit. 

Sandy also shared concerns with left turns at traffic light intersections with oncoming traffic. He stated that his Tesla would creep once at the intersections even as oncoming traffic approaches. The Canadian Tesla driver found FSD’s decision to continue approaching the turn “disconcerting,” as he would choose to simply wait at the intersection until it was safe to turn. Fellow FSD Beta tester Dr. Rahaman also told Teslarati that the software performed left turns a bit aggressively. 

The main issue testers have reported from, however, seems to be lane selection. 

“I have tried FSD and it’s good on streets but have some lane selection problems, too. It get[s] confused selecting lanes it always takes the exit lane even though I have to go straight and at [the] end, it stops and tr[ies] to merge in[to] the left lane,” noted Beta tester Pradip. 

Tesla extensively talked about its FSD Lane Networks during AI Day 2022 last week. Hopefully, v.10.69.3 will address the lane selection issue multiple Beta testers have been experiencing lately, along with any problems remaining from previous versions. 

The Tesla FSD Beta Program now has 160,000 customers, compared to 2,000 in 2021. At AI Day 2022, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla hopes to release FSD Beta worldwide by the end of the year. However, Musk also cautioned that FSD Beta’s release worldwide would be complex, given all the different rules and regulations in each country.

Are you a Tesla FSD Beta Tester? I’d like to hear from you about your FSD Beta experiences! Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.


Tesla FSD Beta starts rolling out to testers
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