Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 “looking good” for weekend release + Reviews

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Elon Musk shared that Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2’s release is still set for this weekend. 

Tesla initially planned to release v10.69.2 last week but delayed the update to polish it up more. The company rolled out v. to more Beta testers instead. 

Tesla FSD Beta Reviews

A few Tesla Beta testers who received v10.69.1.1 shared their observations and thoughts about the update with Teslarati. One of the common issues Beta Testers mentioned was phantom braking. 

One 2021 Model S owner, Howard, noted that his Tesla vehicle still experienced phantom braking too much. He shared that his Model S drove like a 16-year-old. “Not smooth with the wheel, throttle, or brakes,” he said.

Howard also observed that his Tesla ignored some speed signs, even if they popped up on the display. The Tesla Model S owner added that his car “still fades right into turn lanes when there is not [a] turn to be done. It then swerves to go to the last [turn] it just left.” 

Fellow FSD Beta tester, Michael, was “a bit disappointed” with the latest update. He noted experiencing some phantom braking along the Long Island Expressway. 

“Can’t seem to figure out the somewhat irregular lines in the HOV lane, which is surprising to me. Oh well….hope for better next time. Still not there, but much better than first experiences,” Michael added. 

Impressions from a longtime FSD Beta Tester

FSD Beta tester Les also shared his thoughts about v. with Teslarati. Les has been an Early Access software tester since 2018. He was kind enough to break down all his observations from testing FSD Beta

Les mentioned seeing a few issues with FSD Beta that have been around since Fall 2021. Some of the issues are listed below.

  1. [The] car doesn’t always stay in [the] proper turn lane when using the outer lane of a left dual turn lane scenario; 8/10 times, mid-turn, it will cross over into the inner turn lane. It has done this for me with every FSD Beta build back to October 2021. 
  2. Inconsistent lane selection: my car will still sometimes move[s] into lanes opposite to the next upcoming turn, sometimes when close to that upcoming turn, sometimes missing the turn itself.
  3. Late turn signals: this is a long-standing issue many testers have reported. The turn signals [usually] activate too late when they need to activate ahead of a turn lane to alert drivers behind us.

Despite the continuing issues he observed, Les seemed to have an overall good experience with the latest update. He specifically highlighted Tesla’s work with Chuck Cook Style’s unprotected left terms which were specifically mentioned in v10.69’s release notes. Listed below are all his good observations about FSD Beta v.

  1. The improvement to “Chuck Cook style” unprotected left turns with multiple lanes and medians is incredible. The car utilizes the median space very well. [It] feels like more than an improvement. It really almost feels like a feature upgrade. It’s that significant and amazing to experience.
  2. The car has almost no more phantom braking events for me. I never had many to begin with, certainly not as many severe events as other friends report, but I did notice the ones I had and the places they occurred no longer occurred.
  3. Traffic turning across my car’s path no longer triggers a cautious braking event when there’s enough room ahead. The car better recognizes the crossing vehicle’s direction and speed, and my car maintains its speed. Very human-like behavior.
  4. More assertive and smooth acceleration out of turns, especially when entering a higher speed road. Related: improved acceleration from stops. I like this very much, as prior builds often took too long (for my taste anyway) to get up to speed. It still could get up to speed more quickly, but there is [a] notable improvement. 
  5. The dashcam bug has been eliminated!! The prior build would routinely crash the dashcam after I parked and/or charged, requiring either a computer reboot or removal/reinsertion of [the] dashcam thumb drive to fix. No more problems!

In general, Tesla is steadily improving FSD Beta with each update. And Testers are actively experiencing those improvements. However, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite still needs more work before it rolls out to the public. 

Are you an FSD Beta tester? I’d like to hear your thoughts on v10.69.2! Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 “looking good” for weekend release + Reviews
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