Tesla FSD Beta is currently testing in Europe: hacker

(Credit: Tesla)

It appears that Tesla’s efforts to bring its Full Self-Driving Beta to foreign territories are underway. The initiative seems to be part of Tesla’s efforts to expand the reach of its advanced driver-assist system, which, together with its expected open Supercharger program, should help the company establish its reputation as a carmaker at the forefront of both the electric vehicle and the autonomy revolution. 

The update was hinted at by noted Tesla owner-hacker @greentheonly, who stated that the company’s code has shown that some vehicles in Europe are currently running FSD Beta. The esteemed hacker did not specify the specific FSD Beta build that the Europe-based testers are reportedly running, though he noted that the owners of the limited program are still under strict nondisclosure agreements. 

FSD Beta tests outside the United States don’t seem to be limited to Europe only, either, with the owner-hacker later adding that some Teslas in China also seem to be running the advanced driver-assist system. Granted, Tesla’s Autopilot training in China is quite different due to local government regulations, but the presence of apparent FSD Beta testers in the country suggests that the company is putting some serious effort to bring its Full Self-Driving Beta to owners outside the United States. 

These updates are quite exciting, considering that FSD Beta is expected to see some substantial improvements within the next few days. In a post on Twitter last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that FSD Beta 10, which should roll out later this week, would feature a completely retrained neutral network. Following the release of FSD Beta 10, Musk noted that it would likely only take a few more weeks of tuning and bug fixes before the company is able to roll out the highly-anticipated and long-awaited “Download FSD” button to a larger group of EV owners. 

Tesla is betting a lot on FSD Beta 10. Users of the FSD Beta today are running V9.2, which was released a few weeks ago. Initially, Musk has noted that FSD Beta 9.3 would be following V9.2, though he later updated this by stating that Tesla would be jumping straight to FSD Beta 10 instead. And as per Elon Musk, FSD Beta 10 would be “next-level,” as it should feature some substantial improvements over the capabilities of V9.2.

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Tesla FSD Beta is currently testing in Europe: hacker
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