Tesla owner lends FSD Beta to inexperienced operator from CNN–to chaotic results

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There is a reason why Tesla is incredibly serious about the strict safety measures it is imposing on the FSD Beta program. Drivers who have access to the FSD Beta software, at least for now, are only those that have garnered the highest Safety Scores, at least outside the initial batch of testers that used the advanced driver-assist system in its first year. Elon Musk himself confirmed on Twitter that drivers who use FSD Beta irresponsibly are removed from the program after just one warning. 

This is because, in the hands of an operator that is unfamiliar with Tesla’s driver-assist techologies, FSD Beta could be a lot to handle. Unfortunately, this became extremely evident in a recent video from CNN, which featured one of the news agency’s respondents using FSD Beta in inner-city streets. The footage, which has been shared on social media, is quite painful — if not a bit frightening — to watch. 

The CNN driver, who admits that he is “a little skittish,” noted that he does not drive a Tesla at all. With these factors in mind, the CNN driver did not disappoint on the “skittish” part, as he seemingly panicked at several points during his drive. Overall, the four-minute clip showed exactly what happens when an operator who is unfamiliar with Tesla’s vehicles uses FSD Beta, a system that is designed for the company’s most experienced drivers. It gets chaotic and dramatic, and completely opposite of what FSD Beta videos are like from actual experienced Tesla owners. 

Fortunately, the CNN respondent did not encounter any accidents during his FSD Beta drive. Things could easily go south, after all, when a driver who is “a little skittish” uses a system that he is completely unfamiliar with, and one that requires operators to keep their composure and control at all times. In a way, CNN’s video is quite disappointing, as it shows that some Tesla owners — after signing up for FSD Beta and potentially working to meet the company’s Safety Score threshold — are careless enough to give control of their vehicles to a driver who is evidently unprepared. 

There are already a lot of entities waiting for FSD Beta to fail. Tesla critics and skeptics, several of whom are financially incentivized to bring the company down, are practically salivating at the thought of FSD Beta being banned by regulators over potential accidents. This is why Tesla is being extremely careful with the system’s rollout. If the Model 3 owner in CNN’s video truly wanted to showcase how FSD Beta worked, it would have been far better just to have the news agency’s respondent ride along while an experienced Tesla driver operated the advanced driver-assist system behind the wheel. 

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Tesla owner lends FSD Beta to inexperienced operator from CNN–to chaotic results
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