Starlink shows insanely impressive in-flight speeds in real-world test

Credit: JSX

Just like that, SpaceX’s Starlink has definitively changed the world of in-flight internet. This was suggested as much following a real-world test of JSX’s Starlink in-flight WiFi speeds. Needless to say, the satellite internet service’s performance was a cut, or perhaps two or three cuts, above the competition. 

JSX is among the first airlines to embrace Elon Musk’s Starlink in-flight internet. In previous comments, JSX CEO Alex Wilcox noted that Starlink has been received by the airline’s customers with “amazement and delight.” The same sentiments were shared recently by a tech reviewer who took the satellite internet system through its paces. 

Travel reporter and blogger Zach Griff of The Points Guy recently tested JSX’s Starlink in-flight internet system during a trip. Being a tech reviewer, Griff opted to connect five Apple devices — a 14-inch MacBook Pro, a 13.6-inch Macbook Air, an iPhone 14 Pro Max, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and an 11-inch iPad Pro — to Starlink’s in-flight WiFi. 

Now, this is a pretty unrealistic number of devices to use in a plane, but the tech reviewer was looking to see how Starlink performs even when passengers have an impractical number of devices. Thus, after connecting to JSX’s in-flight internet service seamlessly, the reviewer fired up four of his Apple devices and loaded up a speed test. The results were shocking. 

Each device listed download speeds over 100 Mbps, and upload speeds hovered between 5-20 Mbps. This is impressive enough, but what truly made Starlink stand out was its ping, which clocked in at 28 and 150 ms during the four tests. “Just by the measure of these speeds alone, I could quickly tell that this would be my fastest in-flight internet experience ever,” the reviewer noted. 

Streaming videos during the flight was seamless, and Zoom meetings were a breeze. The same was true for a FaceTime video call and downloading an album off Spotify. The reviewer noted that in streaming, at least, Starlink’s in-flight WiFi feels comparable to the speeds of internet services like Verizon Fios. 

Starlink is pretty young as far as Elon Musk-based services go, but it is growing rapidly. The service has been expanded to numerous countries, including those in Southeast Asia like the Philippines, and in Australia, it is closing in on 100,000 customers. Starlink also launched a rental option for customers in the UK recently, which should make the satellite internet system more attainable for consumers. 

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Starlink shows insanely impressive in-flight speeds in real-world test
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