Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta makes its way to Canada

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has started rolling out its Full Self-Driving Beta software to drivers in Canada. Following the release of the “mind-blowing” FSD Beta version 10 release last weekend, Tesla is finally attempting to test its FSD software in countries outside the United States.

New videos from a Tesla Model 3 owner named Joshua have appeared on YouTube and show the vehicle’s performance in its first non-U.S. operation. Utilizing the Version 10 software, the vehicle drove along some streets in Toronto, showing its progress as Tesla could be attempting to offer the FSD suite to drivers in Canada slowly. It appears that Tesla could be attempting a very controlled rollout of the FSD Beta software in Canada.

Tesla’s FSD Beta program was launched late last year and was given to a few members within the community. They were tasked with using the software to travel while recording and following the company’s progress in its semi-autonomous driving software development, which has improved significantly since the Beta program began in late 2020. There are undoubtedly some improvements in the FSD Beta software thanks to the Version 10 upgrade, but some drivers are still reporting issues that need to be resolved. Of course, Tesla knows the FSD suite is not perfect. The company has not made the Beta publicly available as of yet.

Tesla’s FSD suite has not been launched internationally as restrictions and regulations in other countries require the company’s engineers and programmers to comprehend traffic laws outside of the United States. CEO Elon Musk hinted toward an international expansion of FSD several years ago but stated it would be slow and controlled. Musk added that it was essential for Tesla to get things right by covering all of its bases and writing software that would comprehend the traffic laws everywhere.

Canada may be a good place to start as traffic laws are similar to those in the United States. Because there are not many drastic changes in the nature of driving, like the side of the road cars travel on, it will likely be easier for the software to operate in Canada than in a European country. Of course, the Neural Network will continue to capture and store data from Candian drivers that will translate to more robust and accurate performances in the future.

Check out Joshua C’s videos of FSD Beta in Canada below.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta makes its way to Canada
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